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Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup

By Niang Chen
Translated by Carrie Chang Chien

(04) 2531-4280
318-3, DaFeng Rd, Sec 1, Tanzi Dist (intersection with YaTan Rd)
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm (closed Mon)
Cash only.
No service charge.

This Tanzi district eatery features a down-to-earth interior design. Since opening, this place has always had tables busy, thanks to passionate owner Mrs. Dong Shu-fen, who welcomes her customers with warmth and sincerity. That, plus the good food, makes this a warming experience for the stomach and soul.

Since opening her restaurant in 1998, Mrs. Dong has visited the market daily to purchase fresh Taiwanese beef, which she matches with her homemade "sacha" sauce, seasonal vegetables, sesame oil, pepper and thick soy sauce to create dishes like stir-fried beef, beef noodles, beef entrails soup, braised beef shank, cow tongue, and tendons. Enjoyed in so many delicious ways, the savory beef served here becomes downright addicting.

Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup  Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup  Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup
Left: The popular Beef Testicles with Sesame Oil (NT$580) are cooked with sesame oil and Chinese wolfberries, offering an unforgettably savory and tasty experience.

Medium: Beef Entrails Soup (NT$70) includes beef intestines, tripe and liver--all which help make it extremely delicious.

Right: The flavorful Stir-Fried Brain and Bone Marrow (NT$180) --pictured with Pepper Beef (NT$140) and Stir-Fried Beef with Sacha Sauce (NT$130)--stir fries the tofu-like textured bone marrow with "douchi" (salted black soybeans), chili peppers, green onions and peas.

Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup  Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup  
Left: The signature dish here is Beef Hot Pot (NT$480). The beef gradually cooks in an aromatic, refreshing broth--made with beef and a dozen Chinese herbs like star anise, "dong quai" (Angelica sinensis) and cumin--that release the meat's juices of the meat, which can then be further accented and enjoyed with a special- made spicy bean paste. Those liking strong flavors can try Stir-Fried Beef with Sacha Sauce, or Black Pepper Beef, whose rich fragrances merit at least a couple bowls of rice.

Right: Braised dishes (NT$80-100)

Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup  Taiwan Beef: Beef Entrails Soup
Left: Shredded Ginger with Intestine (NT$120) are marinated with ginger, Chinese pickles and vinegar, and then stir-fried until soft. The salty-spicy flavors go tremendously well with rice.

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