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Dream kitchen: A scenic wonderland for food and fun

By Shi Yong-feng
Translated by Anna Yang

12,PingDing Lane, ShuiYuan Rd, Fengyuan Dist.
(04) 2515-6539
Hours: weekdays 4-11 pm, holidays 9 am-11pm (closed Mon)
Cash only.
Parking lot available.

Located on Gonglao Ping Mountain between Feng Yuan Golf and Country Club and Shooting Star Garden, Dream Kitchen offers light meals and snacks, hot pots, tea and a farm setting that includes an outdoor barbecue area.

Dream kitchen Dream kitchen

The wide-open spaces here are great for families, as the kids can run around and a petting zoo's winning occupants include human-friendly piglets, geese and rabbits. There's also a tiny leisure pool that is child-safe and fun. A huge sandbox--equipped with full play sets of hand tools and buckets--is a magnet for children while their parents can relax on adjacent deck chairs. Panoramic night views are another good reason to come here for family and other gatherings.

Dream kitchen Dream kitchen
Right: Germany Pork Knuckle Platter

Menu items revolve around light meals, hot pots, Thai cuisine, pizza, finger foods and tea. The owner sets high cooking standards and the savory entrees (NT$200-350) are freshly made to order.

The owner also offers table set meals by reservation for larger groups, with non-menu banquet options ranging from NT$4,000 to NT$12,000 per table. Specialties includes Grilled Fresh Fish with Salt, Barrel Broiled Chicken, Thai-style Beer Chicken, and Sugarcane Smoked Chicken, all of which should be reserved two days in advance. The fact that main ingredients include fresh fish from an aquatic farm in Zhuolan and chicken from a neighboring farm help ensure the exceptional flavors here. This, combined with the spacious, beautiful environment, makes this a hard-to-beat destination.

Dream kitchen Dream kitchen
Left: Grilled Fresh Fish with Salt features thick, tender, juicy and flavorful fish infused with salt.
Right: The authentic Thai-style Beer Chicken is grilled on a rack so that the crispy skin matches the succulent meat, marinated in beer with its wheat flavors.

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