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Eating Korean in Taichung--Pu Shan Traditional Korean Restaurant, Han Xiangting , Pudage Korean Fried Chicken, Tone New Korean Cuisine

Translated by Anna Yang

Pu Shan Traditional Korean Restaurant

(04) 2372-3597
37, CunZhong St, West Dist
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9:30 pm

Pu Shan is located in the Art Museum area, next door to the popular Chillies Indian Restaurant. Now entering its seventh year in business, it has built a solid reputation for serving high-quality Korean food at reasonable prices. The sheer volume of food on offer via the set meals here should satisfy the largest appetites, while the mix of flavours puts this establishment among the best in town. --By Paul Adams

A. The Chuncheon Spicy Fried Chicken Set arrives uncooked at your table, where one of the wait staff will fry it for you. This meal is worth every penny of the NT$800 price tag.

B. The Steamed Egg is another perfectly-cooked Korean classic that adds to the wide mix of tastes represented in each set.

C. Each set includes eight different side dishes, ranging from mackerel to kimchi.

Pu Shan Traditional Korean RestaurantA.  Pu Shan Traditional Korean RestaurantB.  Pu Shan Traditional Korean RestaurantC.


Han Xiangting

(04) 2319-5838
167, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-10 pm

It's always a good sign when a restaurant in an over-saturated area has still managed to stay open for 15 years, as Han Xiangting has. The simple, unassuming interior decor here belies the delicious and extremely affordable cuisine on offer. The menu is focused on set meals that offer a variety of barbecue options, although there are also a la carte choices available. --By Paul Adams

A. Bibimbap is a Korean classic and the version on offer here is as filling as it is tasty.

B. Set Menu "B" features beef barbecue and includes a good array of side dishes on a traditional cooker. Priced at only NT$480 for two diners, it represents real value for money and does not compromise on quality.

C. A Seafood Pancake, really more of a Korean fried omelette, is also included in the meal.

Han Xiangting A.  Han Xiangting B.  Han Xiangting C.


Pudage Korean Fried Chicken

5, Alley 28, Lane 20, FengJia Rd, Xitun Dist
Hours: Mon-Sun 5 pm-2 am; Fri-Sat 5 pm-3 am
(closed Tue)

Fengjia Night Market's first and most famous Korean fried chicken place always has a long line outside, as it doesn't take reservations. The Korean owner carefully monitors food quality and flavors, with the most recommended dish being the addictive Dark and Spicy Chicken Wing (NT$380)--a fried chicken drumstick and rounded Korean rice cake, with the sour radish and pickle on the side added extra flavor. Other top choices include the sweet and sour Boneless Red Chicken (NT$300), and Cheese and Spicy Rice Cake Instant Noodles (NT$135), made with chewy Korean noodles and topped with melted cheese that mellows the spiciness a bit. --Alice Chang

Pudage Korean Fried Chicken Pudage Korean Fried Chicken Pudage Korean Fried Chicken
Left: Boneless Red Chicken
Medium: Dark and Spicy Chicken Wing
Right: Cheese and Spicy Rice Cake Instant Noodles


Tone New Korean Cuisine

(04) 2461-9090
166-60, XiTun Rd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist
Hours: weekdays 5:30 pm-1 am; holidays 11:30 am-1 am

Located in the Science Park shopping district, this place offers trendy Korean oil-barrel BBQ with two spacious floors and industrial-style decor. Set meals for two or more diners (NT$1,080-1,880 + 10%) include six types of meat, dessert or beverage (choose 1 of 2 options), five all-you-can-eat Korean side dishes, seafood tofu pot, and rice (add NT$80 to replace this with Bibimbap). Hot pot set meals provide a whole crab, two shrimp and many other ingredients. The Korean iron-plate BBQ has eggs battered in the pot, melted cheese and buttered corn, plus sirloin and crispy pork belly that go great with the onion sauce and salad. --Alice Chang

Tone New Korean Cuisine Tone New Korean Cuisine Tone New Korean Cuisine


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