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Central District Indonesian eateries--Jakarta 2, Sari Rasa, Toko Indonesia, KiKi Halal Restaurant

Translated by Anna Yang

Jakarta 2

29, GuangFu Rd, Central Dist
Hours: 9 am-9 pm (closed Mon)

Compared to other Indonesian restaurants around LuChuan West Street, Jakarta 2 may be a little more expensive but its buffet is still very reasonably-priced at around NT$150 a plate, depending on your items. The selection is great as well, featuring crisp, fresh vegetables and savory meats and seafood. Like most Indonesian cuisine, the dishes tend to the spicy, but you can remedy this with Es Cendol (NT$30), a sweet drink that soothes the palate and a favorite on a hot day, wonderful for sipping in the summer heat. If you want something a bit different, Jakarta Beef Rice (NT$100) is both filling and delicious, with tender beef in a rich, slightly spicy, herb-infused broth. --By Daniel White, translated by Anna Yang

Jakarta 2 Jakarta 2 Jakarta 2


Sari Rasa

180, LuChuan W St, Central Dist
Hours: 9 am-9 pm

"Hole-in-the-wall" restaurants and street-side vendors are not only favorite places to eat but can offer the best food in town, if you know the right spots. Sari Rasa is one of these hidden gems that is easily overlooked. What the restaurant lacks in fancy decor, it more than makes up for with an amazing selection of dishes. For NT$80, you can enjoy a buffet featuring a selection of vegetables, fish, chicken and beef dishes with steamed rice, or you can order off their menu for something a little different. The Pecel Burung Dara (roasted pigeon, NT$100) was very well-prepared, with crispy skin and succulent meat, and accompanied by a chili sauce. The Nasi Goreng (fried rice, NT$80) had lots of vegetables and garlic and was enjoyable. This place also has a KTV machine for those inclined toward singing, as many of the regulars are. --By Daniel White, translated by Anna Yang

Sari Rasa  Sari Rasa  Sari Rasa


Toko Indonesia

146 JiGuang Street, Central Dist
Hours: Tue-Fri 2-10 pm
Sat 11 am-10 pm, Sun 8 am-10 pm
(closed Mon)

When faced with a large number of similar restaurants all serving unfamiliar food, it's often best to go with the recommendations of the locals. A number of Indonesian workers hanging out in the restaurant area around the northern end of JiGuang Street noted Toko Indonesia as a favourite spot. The bright, open interior offers a very tempting refuge during rainy spells and can be a bustling place at lunchtime.

The Pecel Lele (NT$100) is a well-fried catfish, served with very spicy sambal terasi chili paste, tempeh, rice, and raw vegetables. Apparently a popular meal in Java, it was heartily endorsed by a fellow diner who also gave fair warning about the chili content of the sambal. A limited selection of drinks is also available although, given the casual nature of this business, you are welcome to buy your own from the many stores in the neighbourhood. --By Paul Adams, translated by Anna Yang

Toko Indonesia Toko Indonesia


KiKi Halal Restaurant

63, JiGuang St, Central Dist
Hours: 10:30 am-11 pm
(closed Tue)

Located near the south end of JiGuang Street's pedestrianised stretch, this restaurant offers a slight variation on the standard Indonesian food stands found in this area. While its dining menu is similar to its competitors, KiKi sources its meat from halal sources--very important for the many Indonesian Muslims working in Taichung. If you aren't sure what to order, the friendly staff is happy to recommend dishes like Ayam Penyet (NT$110), consisting of spicy fried chicken served with salad and rice topped with crispy fried garlic. The coating on the chicken is crispy and tasty, and has more bite than most fried chicken available elsewhere. The meal is accompanied by an extremely hot dipping sauce for the adventurous diner. --By Paul Adams, translated by Julie Chen

KiKi Halal Restaurant KiKi Halal Restaurant


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