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Authentic local eats in Taichung's 'Huludun'--Wanzhibing Meatballs, Shiingli Intestine and Oyster Vermicelli, Dunjiao Dry Rice Noodles, Chongqing Cuisine Noodles Shop, Shanfeng Eatery Shop

By Shi Yong-feng
Translated by Anna Yang

Wanzhibing Meatballs

88, ShiQian St, 2F, Fengyuan Dist
Hours: 6 am-1 pm (closed Mon)

This fourth-generation family-owned meatball stand in Fengyuan First Market sells meatballs that are three times larger than those sold anywhere else. These are made with pork hindquarter meat blended with stir-fried Chinese shallots and then boiled with bone broth and chopped celery. The meatballs aren't greasy and have a soft, tender texture. Another rarely-seen dish one can discover here is Pineapple Pork Lung, a savory and tender classic Hakka dish with sweet and sour flavors.

丸子斌肉丸 丸子斌肉丸


Shiingli Intestine and Oyster Vermicelli

148, FuXing Rd, Fuchun Township, Fengyuan Dist
(04) 2525-6666
Hours: 6 am-1:30 pm

This shop has been in business for over 20 years and its ingredients include intestines and abundant oysters. The thoughtful owner removes the fat from the intestines before broiling to provide healthier fare and a tender, less-chewy texture. The Mixed Noodles includes small portions of fried tofu, pork stomach, intestines, livers, and pyramid dumplings, which can be enjoyed without feeling too stuffed. This delicious noodle bowl, with a fresh soup base, is also ideal for dining alone. If you're eating with others, a bowl of broiled intestines and oysters, Mixed Noodles, and a mixed combo plate of traditional broiled dishes are recommended. You can also savor traditional, nostalgic Taiwanese breakfast flavors here, dipping delicacies into appetizing, homemade spicy, but not too salty, sauces.

Shiingli Intestine and Oyster Vermicelli Shiingli Intestine and Oyster Vermicelli


Dunjiao Dry Rice Noodles

(04) 2523-8746
6, Lane 281, ZhongZheng Rd, Fengyuan Dist
Hours: 7 am-2 pm

This made-to-order eatery has been around over seven decades and is run by third-generation owners today. Its dry rice noodles originate in Guangdong province's Meizhou city. As this variety of noodles' pointed ends reminded diners of a rat, early Hakka people from Guangdong referred to them as "ban", leading to this dish to become known as "Laoshuban" (rat noodles). Later, Hakka residents of Taiwan labeled it "Mitaimu". From the beginning, this noodle shop has sold sweet dry rice noodles with the recommended flavored herbs and homemade sweet sauce. This pleasantly cool dish is known as "Oubeijia" in Taiwanese, literally meaning "enjoy it in whichever way". The salty flavored dry rice noodle dish was developed in more recent years with boiling radish soup, plus chives, meatballs and fried tofu. Vegetarian customers also visit to savor the tofu rolls, and radish and potato leaves.

Dunjiao Dry Rice Noodles Dunjiao Dry Rice Noodles


Chongqing Cuisine Noodles Shop

87-2, Alley 33, Lane 93, FuQian St, Fengyuan Dist
Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 8 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm;
Tue 8 am-2 pm, 3-4 pm;
Sat/Sun 8 am-2:20 pm, 5-9 pm

Right next to a traditional market parking lot on FuQian Street, this nostalgic noodle stand is run by a couple, including the Chongqing, Sichuan native wife who followed her love (who owned this stand 40 years ago) all the way to Taiwan. The wife's authentic dishes highlight Chongqing hometown flavors and include Spicy Chilli Chicken Feet and the recommended Spicy Noodles. The famous market noodle vendor also serves Plain Soup Noodles without the often-added minced meat, making it an ideal complement to pungently spicy broiled side dishes. The best way to enjoy these treats is raising the bowl to slurp up the soup while eating the flavorful side dishes.

Chongqing Cuisine Noodles Shop Chongqing Cuisine Noodles Shop


Shanfeng Eatery Shop

(04) 2522- 6016
102, ShiQian St, Fengyuan Dist
Hours: 5 am-1:30 pm

To cater to customer demand, this buffet-style restaurant serves more than 20 dishes, including meat, salt-marinated fish and vegetarian dishes. The eatery also offers Yam Anchovy Hemp Soup, exclusive to Taichung as the "mua-in" is a tender jute leaf grown in Taichung and not usually found elsewhere, making it a local delicacy. Enjoying a bowl of fresh, cooled sticky and sweet soup made with yams, anchovies and hemp is recommended in the summer.

Shanfeng Eatery Shop Shanfeng Eatery Shop


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