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Family friendly outing spots--ChillxChill, Awoo Child Park, An Eco Lifestyle, Happy Mommy Kitchen



(04) 2533-1538
9, DongBao Lane, YaTan Rd, Sec 3, Tanzi Dist
Hours: Tue-Sun 11 am-9 pm
(closed Mon)

One among a relatively small number of western restaurants in Tanzi district, this place features a jungle-like decor that relaxes the families and other diners that enjoy meals here. Satisfying menu options, good enough for any epicure, include fillet steak, risotto, spaghetti, pizza and hot pot, all prepared by a chef with three decades of experience. One example is the pictured Teriyaki Pork Ribs meal set (NT$420). This two-story building includes a first-floor dining area used during regular hours, and a special room upstairs for groups that can be booked during holidays and other occasions. Kids can run and play freely outside here and feed the fish in a pond, with the outdoor grounds shared with the neighboring Joy Garden restaurant, which offers its own unique types of meals. Together, these two establishments add more variety to Tanzi's dining scene. --By Rachel Chang, translated by Anna Yang

ChillxChill ChillxChill ChillxChill


Awoo Child Park

155, QingDao Rd, Sec 3, 2F, Beitun Dist
Closed 停業

There are times when parents may find that "kid-friendly restaurants" are actually not that convenient for kids. For example, tables may be suitable for adults, but not kids, and there may not be many children's meal choices. Restaurants may also not be large enough for kids to run and play in. At Awoo Child Park, the restaurant's design is all about the kids. Staff here will help watch your children so that parents can enjoy a pleasant, relaxing time. The tables and food are also designed with kids in mind and there is plenty of space for them to enjoy having fun with other children. The number of kids is limited to prevent overcrowding, so remember to make a reservation before you visit with your offspring. --Words and translation by Audrey Liu

Awoo Child Park Awoo Child Park


An Eco Lifestyle

500, YaTan Rd, Sec 3, Daya Dist
restaurant (04) 2569-0125; park-tour reservations: (04) 2567-2033
Hours: 10 am-10:30 pm (2nd & 4th Mondays closed)

Those wanting to get their kids out of the city now don't need to drive too far to find some great options, thanks to this children's urban paradise. Today's kids are surrounded by electronic products and an urban concrete jungle. However, at An Eco Lifestyle, they can run on the grass, touch nature and experience an ecologically-rich environment. Parents also can enjoy all this with their little ones. Inaddition, there is also an in-house restaurant with main meals including pasta entrees, hot pots, and some rice dishes, plus Prince/Princess Meals for children and some afternoon tea desserts and drinks. Prices range between NT$90 and NT$380. --Words and translation by Audrey Liu

An Eco Lifestyle An Eco Lifestyle


Happy Mommy Kitchen

(04) 2386-2500
681-1, YongChun E 7th Rd, Nantun Dist
Hours: Tue-Fri 11 am-9 pm
Sat-Sun and holidays 8:30 am-9 pm
(closed Mon)

Right next to a traditional market parking lot on FuQian Street, this nostalgic noodle stand is run by a couple, including the Chongqing, Sichuan native wife who followed her love (who owned this stand 40 years ago) all the way to Taiwan. The wife's authentic dishes highlight Chongqing hometown flavors and include Spicy Chilli Chicken Feet and the recommended Spicy Noodles. The famous market noodle vendor also serves Plain Soup Noodles without the often-added minced meat, making it an ideal complement to pungently spicy broiled side dishes. The best way to enjoy these treats is raising the bowl to slurp up the soup while eating the flavorful side dishes.

Happy Mommy Kitchen Happy Mommy Kitchen Happy Mommy Kitchen


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