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COMPASS MAGAZINE > December 2016
Purplemoon Bistro

By Niang Chen
Translated by Anna Yang

156, ChaoFu Rd, Xitun Dist
停業 closed

This restaurant's romantic-sounding name originates in a fisherman's village in east Malaysia and was inspired by Chef Li Tse-cheng's childhood memories of his grandmother's smoky preparation of grilled food under the moonlight. After traveling through several countries and learning about various dining cultures, Li decided to combine his knowledge of cuisine with his favorite childhood dishes and their savory aromas.

Rarely-seen, creative appetizers found here include Salmon Dumplings and Peru Scallops (NT$120-180), which go great with the chef's assorted main entrees, such as grilled salmon, lamb shoulder and ribeye steak (NT$180-980). Enjoyed in the restaurant's elegantly-decorated interior, several of these dishes offer hints of Southeast Asia.
The nostalgically-flavored Southeast Asian Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs (NT$220-880) features tender meat with a crispy outer layer; nicely complemented by sides of sour pickles, onions and handmade preserved vegetables. The crispiness of accompanying potato wedges lasts long enough that you may be asking for more.

Purplemoon Bistro Purplemoon Bistro

The recommended South Eastern Mini Pot (NT$190-270) comes with a soup base that includes a choice of bak kut teh or laksa curry. Not many diners have ever tried a hot pot with laksa curry soup base and its blend of Southeast Asian spices and curry provides flavorful aromas and a smooth flavor that is perfect for dipping meat and vegetables into.

The restaurant also offers business lunch options and pasta dishes (NT$160-330) as well as beers, wines, cocktails and coffees, making Purplemoon Bistro a good all-day option for satisfying globally-inspired meals.

Purplemoon Bistro Purplemoon Bistro
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