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Bollywood Indian Restaurant

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Anna Yang

1026, JianXing Rd, West Dist
(04) 2319-2828
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 4:30-10:30 pm
166-73, XiTun Rd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist
(04) 2465-1718
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 4:30-10 pm
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In Taichung's constantly changing dining scene, long-standing restaurants are like old, comforting friends who can always be counted on. Such is the case with Bollywood Indian Restaurant, whose JianXing and XiTun branches have been feeding hungry customers for about 13-14 and nine years, respectively.

According to co-owner Sophia, who launched Bollywood with husband Vicky, her restaurant's longevity is in part due to its high-quality, fresh ingredients--from chicken to vegetables--and authentic curry and other flavors made without extra additives. Having two Indian chefs--specializing respectively on curries and tandoori oven cooking--at each branch also helps.

Bollywood Indian Restaurant Bollywood Indian Restaurant

Faithful Bollywood diners are familiar with main entree favorites (all served with rice and Naan bread) on the very extensive menu here, including items like the creamy and rich Butter Chicken (NT$370), cashew nut sauce bathed Mughlai Chicken (NT$390), uniquely-flavored Beef Korma (NT$360), Lamb Vindaloo, Shrimp Masala, Fish Madras, Sag Paneer (among many non-meat entrees), and various Daal dishes. Among popular starters are the potato-and-onion, non-spicy/non-oily Mixed Pakora (NT$220), Chicken Pakora (NT$260) and Fried Fish (NT$320).

To keep things interesting, Bollywood last month introduced three new starters and four new main entrees, some based on frequent special orders put in by guests, like the popular Indian appetizer Peanut Masala (NT$280), mixed with onions, tomatoes, ginger and lemon. The other new palate-pleasing starters are the cheese-based Paneer Pakora, and Shrimp Salt and Pepper (NT$490; pictured top right), succulent peeled and spice-dipped shrimp deep fried with green chilies, onions, green peppers, and black pepper. Also new is Keema Naan (NT$230), filled with minced beef or lamb.

Bollywood Indian Restaurant Bollywood Indian Restaurant Bollywood Indian Restaurant

New entrees include Lamb Kebab Masala (NT$390), with tandoori lamb served in a savory tomato-onion masala sauce, and Mixed Vegetable Korma (NT$350), also served in a creamy sauce that includes yogurt paste and korma masala. Neither of these dishes is spicy although committed fire-eaters can find plenty of menu items to enjoy and levels of spiciness are dictated by request.

In a plus for many diners, Bollywood also offers an impressive alcohol selection that includes beers and various cocktails, not to mention soft drinks and Indian lassi and tea drinks.

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