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Duckcut (Ya-pien-guan)

By Niang Chen
Translated by Anna Yang

117, WuQuan 1st St, West Dist
New address: 555, WenXin S 3rd Rd, Nantun Dist
(04) 3609-5555
Hours: 11 am-3 pm, 5-10 pm

All duck dishes served to your table at this Peking duck restaurant originate in Yilan county. This includes the Mule Duck variety, prepared with several cooking steps to showcase its tender, juicy meat and a crispier skin than found with Cherry Ducks. This savory delicacy is perfect when enjoyed in a dough wrapper with cucumbers and a specialty sauce, and costs NT$1,080 per grilled duck (advance orders required).

Duckcut (Ya-pien-guan) Duckcut (Ya-pien-guan)

In addition, after the meat has been sliced up, the duck bones can be cooked into eight different dishes for an extra NT$100 per dish. These include Minced Duck Wrapped with Lettuce, Salty Crispy Duck, Three Cups Duck, and Sour Cabbage Duck.

Besides its delicious Peking duck, the restaurant also focuses on northern Chinese cuisine with featured entrees (NT$150-240) such as Stinky Tofu with Chives, Cold Dressed Cabbage, and Stir-Fried Taro and Beef. A wide range of other creative and tasty main courses, side dishes and wraps includes Deep-Fried Taro Shreds, Sweet Potato Sticks, Celery Dishes, Bean Jelly, and the juicy, sizzling Radish Pastry (NT$30), prepared with shrimp, minced meat and abundance of shredded radish.

Duckcut (Ya-pien-guan) Duckcut (Ya-pien-guan)

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