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Bu Fen Fusion Cuisine

By Taylor Melton
Translated by Anna Yang

(04) 2293-3068
87, BeiPing Rd, Sec 1, North Dist
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm

This relatively new restaurant lies just beyond the lively main strip of BeiPing Road restaurants and vendors and mostly offers Chinese, Korean and Japanese style dishes with some western hints thrown into the mix. This ensures that customers enjoy flavors that are familiar, yet excitingly new. In an added plus, all menu items are made very carefully from scratch when you order.

Choosing which entrees to order may however be challenging, given the number of delicious-sounding choices on such a small menu. For those who love kimchi, Gold Kimchi Fried Pork (NT$258) is highly-recommended. Made with pumpkin to take the edge off its flavor, the kimchi is a nice balance of sweet and spicy that complements the fried pork nicely. The No Oil Fried Mackerel (NT$268) is tender and juicy with a beautifully crisp skin, and one of the more popular dishes, Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Cheese (NT$258), features shiitake mushrooms and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses stuffed inside a pork chop, breaded in panko bread crumbs and fried to a golden crisp.

Bu Fen Fusion Cuisine Bu Fen Fusion Cuisine

Stewed Chicken with Miso and Milk Sauce (NT$258) is a popular dish among children, while other dining options include hot pots (NT$258-328) with vegetarian and business lunch options. Each entree includes a three-item starter to whet the appetite, a bowl of Savory Green Papaya Soup, white rice and juice, all made entirely in-house.

"Bu fen" means "undefined" in Chinese, a fitting label not only for the food but also the decor. The restaurant creates a cozy, casual atmosphere with only six tables and pictures of animals in funny hats and clothing hanging on white brick walls offset with wood paneling. Vegetable-shaped pillows are spread out along the booth-style seating at each table. Chef Kao and business partner Ms. Chen also note that their choice of this name reflects a desire to keep their doors open to any flavors or dishes that they want to create, as they continue expanding on the current selection of menu items.

Bu Fen Fusion Cuisine Bu Fen Fusion Cuisine

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