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Farm-to-Table--Sur- Restaurant, LusCoffee, Cabbage Cooking Lab, He Feng Tian Food

Translated by Anna Yang


Sur- Restaurant

160-16, YiZhong St, North Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-7:30 pm (closed Mon-Tue)

This simply-decorated YiZhong Street shopping district restaurant opened at the end of last year and is a great hangout, featuring a spacious, expensively-equipped semi-open kitchen that expresses the owner's passion for cooking. The menu offers about 10 dishes with farm-to-table ingredients changing every other month and varying seasonally. Most selections are pasta, risotto and steak entrees, made with a number of locally-grown ingredients such as garlic sprouts, sweet potato leaves, black rice and Dajia taro. Customers can also opt for the limited-quantity "SURprise" Meal (NT$980), prepared with daily-fresh ingredients straight from the market for the best of seasonal flavors. --By Helen Young

Sur- Restaurant Sur- Restaurant Sur- Restaurant


Hero Restaurant

57, WuQuan 1st St, West Dist
Hours: 6-9 pm (closed Tue-Wed)

The exquisite "heroic" cookery here is an exquisite mix of eastern and western cuisine, created by two youthful chefs with mostly-local fresh ingredients like Chiayi wheat, Nantou oranges, fish roe from Taichung Port, Tainan oysters and self-cultivated plants. At the end of last October, the restaurant moved to a vintage West District building and now offers unique seasonal set meals (NT$1,800 and NT$2,450, plus 10%). Choices include the Hero Garden Salad, prepared with over 30 kinds of edible herbs and plants, and Pingtung Pigeon, whose texture is more tender than cherry duck. There are also special cocktails and Taiwan craft beers. --By Helen Young

Hero Restaurant Hero Restaurant  Hero Restaurant


Cabbage Cooking Lab

68, GongYi Rd, West District, 15F
Hours: 11 am-9:30 pm

Cabbage Cooking Lab is a restaurant built on the dream of connecting with local farmers to provide customers with simple, yet beautiful, dishes. Almost all ingredients are sourced from local Taiwanese farmers or grown in the restaurant's garden. Located on the top floor of Park Lane by CMP mall, the restaurant has a modern, yet cozy, rustic ambiance and boasts terrific views of the city. The menu mostly consists of Italian-based dishes occasionally featuring some Asian ingredients. Using 20 varieties of tomatoes, Tomato Soup with Panini and Caprese Skewers (NT$380) is particularly noteworthy. The Roasted Chicken with Mustard and Pesto Seaweed Roll (NT$380) is filled with well-seasoned chicken and packed with fresh vegetables. The Seared Free-Range Chicken Leg with Shaoxing Cream Sauce (NT$560) is also worth trying, with juicy, tender chicken and a cream sauce that ties it all together beautifully. For a unique experience, there are monthly dining events featuring one locally-grown ingredient and the farmer who grows it. --By Taylor Melton

Cabbage Cooking Lab Cabbage Cooking Lab


He Feng Tian Food

(04) 2372-1449
52, WuQuan 8th St, West Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-3 pm, 5:30-9 pm (closed Tue)

He Feng Tian Food offers up delicious Japanese dishes served in a simple, rustic setting. Located in a former US military house, the restaurant feels more like a rural Taiwanese eatery and its relatively short menu supplies plenty of tasty entrees served as part of a set meal (NT$377). These include Black Vinegar Fried Chicken, Radish Fried Pork, Creamy Garlic Perch, and Home-Style Braised Tofu. Each entree is served with several side dishes that change with the seasons and availability. The Tempura Fried Sweet Potato is particularly noteworthy. A farmer's market takes place on the front deck of the restaurant three times a year, when farmers are invited to showcase their products. Customers have a chance to not only meet the farmers but also learn more about their food and purchase from them directly. Cooking demonstrations are also offered to show how ingredients such as miso can be made from scratch without preservatives. --By Taylor Melton

He Feng Tian Food He Feng Tian Food


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