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Uncle George Seafood Restaurant

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Anna Yang

(04) 2475-4071
16, WenXin S. Rd., Nantun Dist
10 am-10 pm (closed Mon.)

For the past 22 years, Uncle George Seafood Restaurant has been the go-to place in Taichung for Taiwanese and foreigners seeking out excellent American-style meals prepared from lobsters, crabs, prawns, shellfish and other seafood shipped live from North America. Such offerings also once meant that it was also relatively pricey place to grab a bite, making it an occasional pleasure for many customers.

安可喬治美式海鮮餐廳 安可喬治美式海鮮餐廳

Now, however, friendly owner Charlie Hsieh has made Uncle George easier and cheaper to enjoy on a regular basis, thanks to a new series of casual-dining "LoRo" ("Love Roll") offerings that started in May. "We want to offer good prices for the same quality and make our food more accessible," he notes.

Encased in the restaurant's homemade Italian-style bread, the six "Love Roll" options (NT$155-245) are a slightly smaller version of the restaurant's wonderfully-rich Classic Lobster Roll (NT$455). Diners can enjoy lobster, scallops, prawn, crab, lamb, pork or beef options, mixed with lettuce, cheese and other ingredients that provide mouthfuls of fresh, tasty ingredients. These are available all day (WenXin branch only) for dine-in or take-out, with delivery offered to advance orders for at least 10 people.

安可喬治美式海鮮餐廳 安可喬治美式海鮮餐廳

Savory sides to go with a roll include a long-time Uncle George favorite, the New England Clam Chowder (NT$95), plus the Fried Crab Cake (NT$95) and hearty serving of Steamed Prawns (NT$195), made with big live Spot Prawns from Alaska that are sweeter, more tender and flavorful than their more common Thai counterparts.

Of course, the amazing entrees that made Uncle George famous are still available. As I was enjoying my Lobster LoRo lunch, the happy group at the table next to me was preparing to share a massive Live Alaska Red King Crab. Like other live offerings, including Atlantic Lobster and Dungeness Crab, this can be prepared in a variety of styles and is sold by weight at current prices. Other highlights include Live Raw Pacific Oysters (NT$295) and, for non-seafood diners, entrees like the Jumbo Beef Ribs (NT$1696), Roasted Lamb Chop with BBQ Sauce (NT$395) and US Prime Ribeye Steak (NT$1995).

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