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COMPASS MAGAZINE > September 2017
Bowl Fast Slow Food

By Helen Young
Translated by Anna Yang

(04) 2301-5553
10, Lane 4, ZhongXing St, West Dist
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-8 pm; Sat-Sun 10 am-8 pm

This establishment's white painted building, situated on an alleyway near Calligraphy Greenway, presents a well-illuminated open kitchen behind a counter by the entrance, as well as green plants, a garden in the center with umbrella-shaded wooden tables and chairs, and a cozy second-floor dining area. Its interesting name symbolizes the focus here on being convenient, natural and healthy.

Bowl Fast Slow Food Bowl Fast Slow Food

In a change from most eateries, this place offers low-fat/low-sodium dishes (NT$200-280) such as the Fitness Bowl with Chicken, Pork-Tofu Patties Bowl, Broiled Fish Bowl, and Japanese Beef Stew Bowl, all served with "bowl dishes". These entrees are served with side dishes including Quinoa Brown Rice, five or more vegetable and a single meat portion. The vegetarian All Smoothie Bowl is prepared with fresh vegetables, nuts, soy milk and yogurt. For a combo set meal, there is an added charge for a soft drink.

Bowl Fast Slow Food Bowl Fast Slow Food

A top menu choice is the vegetarian Vegan Bowl, made with Tempeh, a fermented soy product from traditional Indian cuisine. Unlike the strong flavor of Japanese nado products, the Taiwanese-made Tempeh offers a smoky soy paste taste. The restaurant's specialty soft tofu, stem vegetables and Quinoa Rice are also satisfying.

Owner Rex notes that available dishes occasionally change, with carefully-selected ingredients clearly labeled on the menu. The limited-quantity, healthy take-out meals come with smaller portions (decreased by 33% of dine-in quantity) for local office workers.

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