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A Taichung teppanyaki sampler--Kao Lin Teppanyaki, Han Lin Teppanyaki, Keiti Teppanyaki, Big Giant Restaurant


Kao Lin Teppanyaki

(04) 2323-1716
1006, JianXing Rd, West Dist
Hours: 11 am-10 pm

Kao Lin is located in the heart of a popular dining street where competition for customers is fierce. That it has survived here for decades is testament to the quality of its fare and loyalty of its customers. Guests are seated around the usual large teppanyaki stations in groups of up to 10, meaning that you'll end up sharing your meal with an ever-changing crowd. If you like a sociable, buzzing dining experience, this is the perfect place. There's a wide range of menu options, from very affordable quick meals to sumptuous shared banquets. The Kaolin Meal (NT$350) is a great introduction, offering three kinds of seafood plus a choice of meats. The chicken on offer is extremely fresh and juicy, while the New Zealand beef is very high quality for the price. All meals come with a soft drink (including refills), rice, vegetables and a choice of taro cake or fried banana for dessert. --By Paul Adams, translated by Anna Yang

Kao Lin Teppanyaki Kao Lin Teppanyaki


Han Lin Teppanyaki

(04) 2326-1585
25, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist
Hours: 11 am-10:30 pm

Han Lin sits right on the boundary of the area housing the lion's share of the city's Japanese restaurants. While its interior may not match many of its more upmarket competitors, there's a reason the seats are always filled--the very affordable prices that this unassuming eatery charges for its authentic teppanyaki flavors. There are six different set meals, ranging up to around NT$500 and most feature a choice of meats and fish. For example, NT$370 can get you a platter of two rice bowls, onion omelette, vegetables, salmon, two fried jumbo shrimp and steak. However, most of the menu is given over to a wide variety of a la carte options (about NT$50-150 each), allowing patrons to build their own meal. Because of Han Li's strong reputation, expect a short wait if you're visiting around mealtimes. --By Paul Adams, translated by Anna Yang

Han Li Teppanyaki Han Li Teppanyaki


Keiti Teppanyaki

(04) 2472-3456
171, WuQuan W Rd, Sec 2, Nantun Dist
Hours: 11:30 am-1:30 pm, 5:30-8:50 pm

This teppanyaki restaurant offers its Asian cuisine with a French-style presentation, decorating plates with drizzled handmade sauces in an artistic display. The chef, who has 30 years of cooking experience, prepares golden, crisp scallops and prawns and garnishes them with pale persicaria, lolloo rosso lettuce and frisee. Such displays are complemented by the refined French-style decor and upscale ambiance that includes live piano music and friendly staff introducing every dish, not to mention the fragrances of grilled Prime U.S. beef. Lunch specials are NT$798 while prices for the Live Abalone Lunch Sets start from NT$1,080. The menu also includes Premium Rib Eye (NT$2,380) and Lobster Set Meals for two people (from NT$3,880) that come with salad, soup, shrimp, fish, seasonal seafood, steamed eggs, vegetables, and a main-course option. --By Niang Chen, translated by Anna Yang

Keiti Teppanyaki Keiti Teppanyaki


Big Giant Restaurant

(04) 2205-8005
333, ZhongMing Rd, North Dist
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm

The refined ambiance here includes elegant European-style decorations, wall murals, sculptures and gold-framed sofas. Owner Chan Yong-liang's commitment and high food quality has helped him run this popular teppanyaki establishment for 24 years. Sizzling, succulent meat and seafood are prepared on the grill that is crisp outside and tender inside. Diners enjoy watching experienced chefs skillfully grilling shrimp, foie gras, Chilean seabass, and scallops to ensure that each course is aromatic, flavorful, sizzling hot and tender. This includes well-marbled, juicy, fragant beef that melts in the mouth. Set meals include an appetizer, three seafood dishes, vegetable, foie gras and main-course option such as Matsusaka beef, Japanese beef, ribs, lamb and chicken fillet. The pork/chicken fillet meal set starts from NT$980 and the excellent lunch set is NT$780 per person. --By Uvia Chang, translated by Anna Yang

Big Giant Restaurant Big Giant Restaurant


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