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Traditional Taiwanese eats in Tanzi District--Huangki Herbal Pork Knuckle Thin Noodles, Seven Color Chicken Fillet, No Name Stir-Fried Squid Noodles, Johnny's Noodle Snacks

Translated by Anna Yang

Huangki Herbal Pork Knuckle Thin Noodles

(04) 2531-1525
Intersection of ZhongShan and YaTan roads, Tanzi District
Hours: 4 pm-1 am (closed Thu)

This eatery is always filled with herbal aromas and packed with hungry crowds from regular dining to late-night snack hours. The recommended Herbal Pork Knuckles Thin Noodles (NT$80) presents a broiled, rich soup base filled with collagen, plus a perfect match of chewy meat and soft peanuts. Angelica, a commonly-used mildly-spicy herb, is featured in Pork Heart Soup and Goose Meat Soup. For less herbal flavors, try Duck Meat Vermicelli in Clear Soup (NT$60), Milk Fish Belly Soup (NT$60) and various other noodle dishes, plus Broiled Meat over Rice, and Shrimp Dumpling Soup (NT$60). Another recommended delicacy is the handmade Duck Blood Rice Cake with Ginger Dipping Sauce, with an unbeatable soft, yet chewy, texture, and Goose Meat Platter, broiled with salt water. The passionate owner serves many more reasonably-priced, traditional Taiwanese delicacies in addition to alcoholic drinks in this "Taiwanese bistro".

Huangki Herbal Pork Knuckle Thin Noodles Huangki Herbal Pork Knuckle Thin Noodles


Seven Color Chicken Fillet

99, TanZi St, Sec 3, Tanzi Dist
Hours: 2-11 pm (closed Sun)

The long lines outside this place are evidence of flavorful delicacies and fresh ingredients. Taiwanese Chicken Fillet (NT$50) is deep-fried immediately after an order for a crispy layer that perfectly matches the succulent meat. This delicacy, also known as "Seven-Color Chicken Fillet", is offered with all seven flavors, including chicken soup, spicy chili, cheese, seaweed, pepper, and the popular barbecue sauce. Also highly recommended are the Fried Chicken Wings (NT$100 for 5); marinated, juicy Chicken Drumsticks (NT$25) that go well with various side dish options; Cheese Balls (NT$40); Chicken Nuggets (NT$35); Squid Balls (NT$15) and mildly sweet Red Bean and Taro Crisps (NT$25 for 5). All dishes are made with quality ingredients, cooked with less grease and moderate heat.

Seven Color Chicken Fillet


No Name Stir-Fried Squid Noodles

21, YaTan Rd, Sec 1, Tanzi Dist
Hours: 4 pm-12 am

During dining hours here, 5-6 kitchen staff members are busy cooking inside while an ordering machine is provided for long waiting lines outside. To provide good food for low prices, cuttlefish is used instead of squid in dishes like the Stir-Fried "Squid" Noodles (NT$85), which provides fresh, spicy, sauteed flavors with hint of added vinegar, plus the richly-textured layers of crunchy cabbage and chewy noodles. Also recommended is Bone Soup (NT$85), served hot pot style to keep the fresh broth warm. Gloves are provided to handle the tender meat, which falls off the bone and melts in the mouth. Other popular items include the flavorful but additive-free Pork Blood Soup with Chives (NT$20) and crispy-outside, soft-inside Stinky Tofu (NT$50), an excellent pairing with handmade preserved sour cabbage. This limited-seating shop is always filled with crowds and does very good business.

No Name Stir-Fried Squid Noodles No Name Stir-Fried Squid Noodles


Johnny's Noodle Snacks

11-2, ZhongShan Rd, Sec 1, Tanzi Dist
Hours: 11:40 am-2 pm, 5:20-7:50 pm (closed Mon-Tue)

The interior here has a sea-inspired, rustic decor featuring an open kitchen and the nostalgic beauty of glass shelving. Attracting repeat customers is a focus on mainland-style broiled dishes and tasty Beef Noodle Soup prepared with beef bones, tomatoes, onions, ginger and other natural ingredients. There are four soup-base choices (from NT$150) for this dish--braised, clear, spicy, and tomato--and the chunks of Australian beef work well with the thick noodles. The most popular Tomato Beef Noodles (NT$100) combines the evenly-marbled beef with a thick, sour tomato soup base and some epicures recommend adding a bit of the owner's handmade specialty spicy sauce. The Broiled Platter (from NT$200) includes broiled beef tripe, belly and tendons. The owner also promotes a Limited Creative Beef Noodles topped with unforgettable honey-flavored grilled beef slices and resembling Japanese ramen.

Johnny's Noodle Snacks Johnny's Noodle Snacks


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