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Late-night live seafood & beer stir-fry eateries--3399 Seafood, 100% Stir-Fried Restaurant, Jing Hai An Shrimp Fishing, Sha Sha Jiao Shrimp Fishing

Translated by Anna Yang

3399 Seafood

(04) 2406-0907
1345, WenXin S Rd, Dali Dist
Hours: 5 pm-12 am

Seafood options here include crab, shrimp, fish, squid and oysters, plus other items like river snails and frogs (NT$100-300) shipped directly from markets. The owner says that he provides any fresh seafood items that diners can think of, in addition to Satay Beef (NT$150), Stir-Fried Intestines with Ginger (NT$150) and Stir-Fried Cabbage (NT$80). Together with good service and a spacious environment with plenty of seating for groups, the shop is known among customers for a variety of excellent specialty dishes. Beers and soft drinks are also sold. Reservations are recommended. --By Jason Chen

3399 Seafood  3399 Seafood


100% Stir-Fried Restaurant

(04) 2386-3607
210, LiMing Rd, Sec 2, Nantun Dist
Hours: 5 pm-2 am (closed Wed)

This local eatery, open now about a decade, offers very fresh and flavorful ingredients. Plentiful, reasonably-priced food, late hours, quick service and abundant seating make it popular with diners, from epicures to first-timers. Popular delicacies from among its tasty selections of stir-fried noodle/rice entrees, seafood, hot pots, and deep-fried and grilled foods include Gong Bao Chicken (NT$150); Stir-Fried Intestine with Ginger, Bitter Melon with Salted Egg; Sliced Lamb with Mashed Garlic; and Stir-Fried Water Lilies (NT$120), all priced around NT$150. The friendly owner is also known for giving his hungry late-night diners free side dishes. --By Jason Chen

100% Stir-Fried Restaurant

100% Stir-Fried Restaurant 100% Stir-Fried Restaurant


Jing Hai An Shrimp Fishing

(04) 2313-0623
145, QingHai Rd, Sec 1, Xitun Dist
Currently open 24 hours/day (may be subject to change)

Although it seems unassuming from the outside, Jing Hai An Shrimp Fishing has established a loyal crowd of locals who are equally attracted by the quality of the shrimp in its pools and its convenient central location. For most of the year, this place is open 24 hours a day, although the kitchen only runs from 5:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. Outside of those hours, you have to cook whatever you catch yourself. When the weather gets colder, opening and kitchen hours change, as do the shrimp, which are replaced with giant crabs and lobsters, making it worthwhile to brave a few hours poolside on a chilly evening. Hourly fishing rates start at NT$300 and there's the usual option of having the kitchen help with the cooking for an extra charge. A sampling of Salty Shrimp (NT$600), Baby Squid, (NT$250), Spicy Chicken (NT$250) and Fried Vegetables (NT$80) are more than enough for a filling meal. --By Paul Adams

Jing Hai An Shrimp Fishing Jing Hai An Shrimp Fishing


Sha Sha Jiao Shrimp Fishing

(04) 2389-3429
460, LongFu Rd, Sec 4, Nantun Dist
Open 24 hours/day

Located in an up-and-coming part of Taichung, Sha Sha Jiao Shrimp Fishing has already made a splash among shrimp-fishing aficionados. This 24-hour establishment, also featuring KTV facilities for late-night parties, contains two shrimping pools that are typically packed on weekends and most evenings. The pricing is very reasonable--NT$250 to NT$800 per hour--with the rate decreasing for longer stays. As with most similar joints, you can catch and eat as much as you want for free as long as you cook it yourself at the provided grills. However, you can also pay a little extra to have the chefs prepare your catch for you, which is certainly worth considering as the food here is excellent. A plate of enormous Thai Lemon Shrimp (NT$550), Gong Bao Chicken (NT$150), and Fried Mountain Vegetables (NT$160) was more than enough for two people. The fridges are also stocked with a wide beer selection and some soft drinks to keep people fishing and eating into the late hours. --By Paul Adams

Sha Sha Jiao Shrimp Fishing Sha Sha Jiao Shrimp Fishing


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