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A brief look at Taiping City real estate

A brief look at Taiping City real estate

A brief look at Taiping City real estate

A brief look at Taiping City real estate

By Niang Chen
Translated by Ann Lee

One city located on the outskirts of Taichung city is Taiping. Using Dongping Road as a border, south of this you'll find a southern part of Taiping, which was developed during earlier period compared to other parts of this city. For that reason, a wide variety of political organizations and architecture can also be found in this area. Taiping's Industrial Park, bordered by the Hanxi River and facing Taichung City, discouraged or stopped many commercial activities and developments in the area.

Due to the government's city redevelopment plan, Taiping's main commercial development is now in the northern part of the city. Today, visitors can travel to Taiping by bus from Taichung via the Taichung City Life No.4 Line. This Taichung-Taiping bus route starts from National Freeway No. 4 in Fengyuan in the north and travels straight through to Wufong and Wurih townships in the south.

This convenient transportation link has completely turned Taiping city around. Apart from four or five bridges like the Jingwu, Hanxi and Taiping bridges that directly connect to Taichung city, the 40-meter expressway, built along the Kuozhixi River branch, is a wide, spacious road for public use. This also helps people to travel straight from Taiping to Taichung city's 9th and 10th redevelopment zones. Now that Taichung and Taiping seem much closer geographically, there's an additional JunGong-ShuDe roads route you can take through Taichung city and county in a heartbeat.

This is good news for those looking to buy property within this area. In real terms, it means that spending a mere three to five extra minutes in traveling time will allow you to save up NT$3-5 million in costs on your property investment. Using a three-floor, 25-ping, stand-alone house as an example, the usual going price is about NT$6-8 million in Taiping, which is much cheaper than a similar property in downtown Taichung. When comparing similar-sized commercial properties, there are many options lining ShuDe and ShuXiao roads if you are looking at buildings in Taichung city or Taiping. This area is especially well-developed and growing commercially, meaning prices are already going up. Finally, if you hunting for a mansion-type residence, you may also consider the Taiping area for great buys.

With the anticipated merger of Taichung city and county, the cultural and developmental contrasts between current urban and rural areas will become less pronounced. Government funding decisions for city redevelopment plans will be based on relative popular densities of each area. When that time comes, Taiping city's development will become competitive with other cities and towns. With the thorough integration of roadways and transportation and unified road signs, Taiping's eastern side will include famed scenic areas like Toubienkeng and Jioutongshan (Wine Barrel Mountain), while it stretches westward to Taichung's Yizhong shopping district and Chung Yo Department Store. Thanks to these factors, Taiping's future development potential truly looks promising.

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