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Taichung Nightlifeby courtney donovan smith

It's 1 am: Do you know where your dinner is?

Part 2: Outside of the Canal District

Dragonfly Pub
Dragonfly I
Corner of Yude and Dade streets
Tel: (04) 2205-8006
Open until 2 am

Dragonfly II
397 Minchuan Rd.
Tel: (04) 2207-7235
Open 24 hours

Fly Piano Pub
Fly Piano Pub
106 Jung Shing St.
Tel: (04) 2302-9222
Open until 4 am

Mega Beerhouse
Mega Beerhouse
47 Chung Cheng St.
Tel: (04) 2328-8150
Open until 2 am or later

O'Changs Irish Pub

Party Animal
Party Animal
141 Shiang Shang North Rd.
Tel: (04) 2302-4247
Open until 3 am


Not wishing to stray too far from the source of my next beer, I like a pub that serves up food especially when I feel in need of some 'stomach stabilisation' after a prolonged pub crawl. 

The option farthest from the Canal District is O'Chang's (Closed) the Irish Pub situated in the Sun Mall halfway between the freeway and Tunghai University.  While the regular menu expires at 10 pm, the appetizer menu and the sandwich menu run until 1 am, and include their excellent deep fried chicken fingers (NT$200), spring rolls (NT$180), salami with cheese and olives (NT$220), kebabs (2 for NT$80) and more.  Two months ago this writer mentioned that the menu items 'bear little relation to the food actually served'.  With the recent sacking of their old chef, this is no longer the case the Irish stew I tried recently was genuinely a decent Irish stew. 

Down the hill and directly across from the Pig Pen is Sound Garden, open until 5 am or whenever everyone leaves.  As of the writing of this article the menu wasn't ready but will soon include spaghetti and pizza, among other favourites.  Be sure to check out their NT$100 500cc beers while waiting for the food.

Near to the Canal District and just off of Mei Tsun Rd. is the semi-newly opened Mega Beerhouse.  Like O'Chang's, the name is tongue-in-cheek, in this case referring to the tiniest beerhouse I've ever seen.  The specialty of Mega is their barbecue menu, with a wide range of ingredients ranging from NT$30 to NT$250.  Bottled Blue Ice Beer is available for NT$80, and large bottles of various brands are available for NT$100 to NT$150.

A bit to the south of People's Park is Party Animal, open until 3 am.  On a Saturday night this place is packed, and the cover band really gets the crowd going.  The menu is fairly large, mostly covering a standard range of foods in both Chinese and Western styles.  One interesting looking item is the Mustard Octopus at NT$200.  Fries (NT$120), spaghetti (NT$200), chicken nuggets (NT$200) and black pepper steak (NT$350) are just a few of the choices on offer.

Right around the corner from Party Animal is Fly, open until 4 am.  There is a wide range of options, including fried clams (NT$150), fried rice (NT$150) and three cups chicken (NT$250).

Rounding out our list is the semi-tea house semi-beerhouse that is Dragonfly.  Dragonfly I is located near China Medical College and only stays open until 2 am.  Dragonfly II, however, is open 24 hours and will serve you up a whole range of noodle dishes for NT$30 to NT$60, a sandwich for NT$70 or any of a large number of 'tea snacks' for NT$25 to NT$60. 


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