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Taichung Nightlife by patrick 'paddyboy' coulter

Soundgarden Pub


Takuan Rd. across from Pig Pen
Open until Late

taichung nightlife

After having a seemingly one dimensional bar scene in Taichung for so long, people are now being presented with options. One of the more successful and innovative of the new bars is the Soundgarden located on Ta Kuan Road, across from the Pigpen. It is an outdoor late night bar that benefits from both the constant flow of people in the 'Little Reno' area and Taichung's pleasant weather. Soungarden's owner, Mr. Wong, a mainstay in the Taichung club scene, has found the ingredient missing from some of his previous ventures: location.

The Soundgarden has been open since the fall, but didn't have it's grand opening until the last weekend in March. Mr. Wong (rumoured to be a major shareholder in the Hong Kong Disney Land project) took a 'build it and they will come' approach. Over the winter, The Soungarden was converted from an empty lot to a place that has benches, tables and a DJ booth. Judging from its success over the winter, it looks to be set for a bumper summer season.

The menu is simple and to the point. The friendly staff are more than happy to pour you a 100 NT draught or Jack Daniels and coke. For those of you who need a late night hunger fix, The Soundgarden offers (for a cheap price) some mouth-watering barbecue pork. This bare bones approach makes for quick service that rarely disappoints. This outdoor barbecue feeling comes with no cover charge.

The Soundgarden gives partygoers in the Ta Kuan Road area a break from the MTV music fest that is so common in the Night Clubs and KTV's. There have been a variety of DJ's at The Soungarden playing anything from Techno music to 1970's funk. Occasionally, live music is also available at the Soungarden.

With the hot summer approaching it becomes necessary to avoid the heat during the day and take advantage of the warm nights. Since night coincides with drinking hours, it is best to find outdoor venues. This makes the Soundgarden an excellent choice for either a quick drink or a long session. On the Paddyboy bar rating system, I give The Soundgarden six Taiwan beer out of a possible six. So put a stop to your screen staring addictions and go out for a laugh. See ya there.

taichung nightlife



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