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181, Chau Fu (Chao Fu) Rd. (at the intersection of Chau Fu and Shr Jeng [Shih Cheng] North 2nd roads)
Tel.: (04) 3602-6666
Hours: 9 pm-10 am (Disco); 5:30 pm-4 am (M-BAR); 9 pm-4 am (BOBO); 11 am-4 am (HIDO)
(Parking is available in the outdoor and basement parking lots.)


E-Power covers all the bases
_______________By Tammy Huang Translated by John Johnson
E-Power is large, attractive addition to Taichung that offers multiple options for those looking to enjoy relax and unwind with some dancing, dining and drinking. This complex, centered around a distinct dome-shaped building behind Tiger City mall, has over 3,000 pings of floor space. Significantly, it is the first four-in-one, multi-purpose entertainment facility in Taiwan that requires only one ticket for access to all venues: The E-Power disco, M-BAR bar and restaurant, BOBO Piano Bar and HIDO California Restaurant.

The disco is located in the giant sphere and can hold up to 500 people. The lighting and sound systems are state-of-the-art and the professional DJs are very familiar with European techno music, which they are working to promote in Taichung. Once or twice a month, the disco holds special techno music promotions in cooperation with Mengtian Music. Plans are also in the works to cooperate with a number of record companies to organize concerts and autograph sessions for new artists. The goal is to establish E-Power as a well known performance venue in Taichung.
If you are looking for a quieter place, head to the next-door M-BAR which, if anything, is even larger than the disco. Here there are well-trained bartenders, who enjoy preparing their own unique creations, and live performances, up to seven or eight times a day, by a variety of musicians and bands from around the island (see What's On "Regulars"). Those feeling a bit hungry can also order a variety of meals and snacks from the menu. All this has helped M-Bar draw a large and relatively-young crowd of patrons.

The BOBO Piano Bar specializes in jazz and music from Shanghai's heyday. To cater to its sophisticated clientele, BOBO maintains a collection of magazines and books in 40 different languages. This is definitely the quieter, higher-end side of E-Power's offerings.

The large HIDO California Restaurant offers a fairly complete menu of food and drinks and is a great place for afternoon tea, as it is open throughout the day. On the second floor there is also a cyber cafe for those looking for some websurfing time.

Given E-Power's wide variety of venues and activities, it is possible to stay here all night without getting bored. The entrance fee is NT$300 during the week and NT$500 on weekends and holidays. A membership card costs NT$5,000 for one year, but there is now a special NT$3,000 deal.

The next time that you and your friends can't decide or agree where to go for an evening's worth of entertainment, look no further than E-Power, Taichung's one-stop nightlife destination.

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