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Eclectic Oldies

117, ZhongCheng (JungCheng) St
停業 Closed

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Annie Liu

Imagine what it would be like if your bohemian grandmother threw open her attic and started serving booze. Or, perhaps, yourself on a visit to a local history museum, only to find that artists had moved in and someone had set up a flea market and started serving booze. "Eclectic" is overused in descriptions of pubs, but no word more accurately describes this fun and slightly fantastical pub.

A year ago, Oldies moved into its present location--an abandoned Hey Song soda pop warehouse. Attacking this bleak space with antiques, modern art, movies projected onto the walls, and curious knick-knacks of all sorts has transformed it into an atmosphere that is entertaining, surprising and even cozy. But, when the novelty of the decor wears off, what is left? In Oldies' case, this is where its true mettle as a pub is shown and owner Leo Kung's passion for Oldies as a complete project shows through. The entertainment is good, with original live acts performing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays and, sometimes, other days of the week feature foreign DJs. By the time this article hits the streets, the planned art gallery in the basement should be open. Of course, be sure to check this magazine's "What's On" for details.

The service is good and the staff is attractive, attentive and friendly. The crowd is mixed and relaxed, with businessmen sitting next to artists. The menu is, well, eclectic and features German, Italian and Thai dishes. The pasta menu features only seafood pasta and jumbo prawns, with a variety of sauces ranging from the traditional tomato (NT$300) to more exciting options like Wasabi (NT$330). Everyone I've talked to raves about the Shrimp Menu (five small for NT$100, 12 large for NT$200), which comes with eight options. My favourite is the Thai-style Raw Shrimp, but others swear by the classic Italian-style Chili and Lemon Olive Oil Shrimp.

Beer starts from NT$130, cocktails from NT$150 and flavored vodkas (vodkas cured for three weeks or more) are NT$80 a shot.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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