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91 pub

91 pub

91, MeiChuan East Road, Sec. 4
Closed 停業

--By Niang Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

When it comes to wine, it's fun to be tipsy but not drunk. When there is fun, it's great to be low-key and not rowdy. That's the kind of situation that 91 pub aims to promote.

91 pub is named after its street number and has been situated on the east bank of the MeiChuan Road canal for the last five or six years. This pub, featuring soft lighting and good indoor air quality, has insisted on its own character style and has not succumbed to more popular fads. In addition to local customers, there are many foreign regulars here, such as English teachers from nearby language schools who enjoy teaching the bartender ladies English in their free time. 91's owners are three brothers and sisters from the Zhou family. When the bar underwent refurbishment, it was the regulars who came and pitched in to do the painting.

With this comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, 91 also serves many herbal teas and non-alcoholic drinks, and some parents even celebrate their kids' birthday parties here. Interesting decorations include items old and new, such as a rolling sewing machine table leg and an Indian mask which lends an exotic air. Even the corner bathroom is clean and neat--a pleasant change from many bars.

This is a pub that stands out from the rest with its artistic touches here and there. Yet, it doesn't lose its identity as an authentic watering hole, with a great variety of beers and cocktails on offer. Their house cocktail, Aflame with Passion (NT$250) consists of brandy plus Cointreau, lit on fire for a smooth warm drink. Another cocktail, Blue Planet (NT$250) is an amazing combination of Blue Curacao, soda water, vodka and milk.

All food and meals here are made to order by hand and excellent with a drink or two, including the Barbeque Meat Salad (NT$150), Smoked Pig's Ears (NT$80), Ritz Snacks (NT$120), Golden Tofu (NT$60) and much more. Starting recently, 91's business hours have been extended, and meals and afternoon teas are on offer during dining hours. On April 19, there will also be a special buy-one-get-one free offer on bottles of Glenmorangie Pure Malt Whiskey (NT$2,600).

91 pub91 pub91 pub

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