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Musical nightlife amusements at Ala Pub

1, Lane 4, ZhongXing Street
Closed 停業

--By Niang Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

Step inside Ala Pub and you'll walk into a lively, happy nightlife environment, a self-contained world that allows you to leave all the stresses and worries from the day at the door. Like the soft candles on each table, the atmosphere here doesn't need to burn passionately bright to release plenty of light and warmth.

Ala is well-known and popular for its live musical performances that start every night at 10:15 p.m. and kick off the evening with a lively beat, as musicians also take requests from the audiences. The second set begins at 11 p.m. with more relaxing, romantic saxophone music that doesn't fail to please. Holidays, however, feature something on the end of the spectrum--pole-dancing by young dancers which provides another way of forgetting your stress and relaxing.

Most of Ala's customers learn about this place via word-of-mouth and there are a lot of foreign regulars, too. Helping bring everyone, local and foreign, closer together is the friendly staff. Their house cocktail, A-La Love (NT$220), is an ice slushie made from orange liqueur, peach liqueur and passion fruit juice. The sweet-and-sour flavors of this smooth, easy-to-drink concoction make it enjoyable for all. In addition to drinks, Ala also has some popular snacks, such as the Stewed Dried Tofu (NT$100), an appetizer the young manager is most proud of. The Spicy Edamame Beans (NT$100) is another great choice to enjoy with a drink or two.

Ala Pub is pretty packed during the holidays so, for an evening of fun, make sure you call in for a reservation first.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.
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