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Yuan Zhi Xiang Bar

68-2, GuoJi Street, LongJing Hsiang(township), Taichung Country
(04) 2350-7895
Hours: 5 pm-1 am

---By Alice Wu Translated by Ann Li

Yuan Zhi Xiang is not your typical downtown bar. It doesn't have deafening music, nor a crazed dance floor, or even an English name. Heck, it isn't even located in downtown. What it does provide is a place for people to come and simply chill out and relax-chillax !

The bar sits on Art Street just off of TaiZhongGang Road and, if you don't mind the drive up, then it's worthwhile to check out what Yuan Zhi Xiang has to offer. Built completely from wood, the inside resembles that of an aboriginal home (although I can't remember the last time an aboriginal home had a karaoke stage). All the tables and chairs are low to the ground, and the open atmosphere allows the summer breeze to swing through. Since it's away from downtown, the pollution of the city is significantly reduced.

While the drink menu is limited (Taiwan Beer and Classic Dark while I was there), it does rotate and the prices are much less than those found in the city (NT$70-NT$100). The upside of this is that they provide their own unique type of snack for free (a peanuts and tofu combo), and the bar has an extensive food menu which includes a very special Sliced Mountain Pork (NT$200), as well as Satay Beef or Lamb. Everything on the food menu is between NT$100 and NT$200 and easily shared.

Even though??? (Yuan Zhi Xiang) Bar lacks an English name, that certainly doesn't mean that English speakers aren't welcome. In fact, this is one bar where absolutely everyone should feel at ease. Because it sits far away from the usual pub hub, Yan Zhi Xiang's relaxed and comfortable atmosphere makes it a nice escape from the habitual crowds downtown. Open every day from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., this curious little bar offers a welcome change of pace, and certainly something different for those looking for just that. And, of course, if that's not enough to get you over there, then their NT$299 all-you-can-drink deal with free snacks EVERY DAY beginning April 10 won't hurt, right?

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.
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