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Bats House Piano Pub

--By Niang Chen Translated by Picker Chen

When you walk into the Bats House, the high ceiling, spacious interior and neon lights give off a spirited, vibrant and warm feeling. Although the red-tiled floor, dark wooden seats and large beer ad posters give this place a Western bar vibe, the overall atmosphere is one of Taiwanese hospitality.

The pub's outgoing owner, Mr. Chen, explains that his establishment is a mixture of pub, restaurant and KTV, making it an ideal destination for a slightly-older crowd to have a pleasant time over a glass or two, singing their hearts out after a stressful day at work. The dance floor also periodically features special events that bring together those who love to dance. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, this relaxing place also features live rock music and, on other days, there are performances by a talented keyboardist who plays music upon request.

Those who come to the Bats House mostly fall into the 40-to-50-year-old age group who--interestingly enough--are themselves mostly owners of establishments or working in other professional fields. Other than song requests, the pub also plays softer music, thus avoiding the louder, more raucous sounds that emanate from other pubs.

Naturally, the pub provides a variety of cocktails, beer and other cold beverages. The Long Island Iced Tea is NT$250 and a Corona costs NT$160. The kitchen also provides a number of dishes, including vegetables, main courses, stir-fries, Hakka cuisine, dumplings, fried rice and other items. The head chef recommends the spicy thousand-year-old egg dish and the fried fish sticks. Both are NT$200 a plate and go great with a beer.

Bats House Piano Pub

(04) 2292-6118
225, WenXin Road, sec. 4
Hours: 8:30 pm-3 am
Credit cards accepted. No service charge. NT$500 minimum bill per person.
Parking available.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.
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