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COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2006

Hip Hop Paradise and Peach

183, ChaoFu Road
(04) 2252-0743
Hours: 9:30 pm-4 am

--By Steven Strack Translated by Ann Li Photos by Lucas Gardner Kutsy

Hip Hop Paradise and Peach may share the same location and play similar music but their identities are definitely separate. When you first arrive, there is no question as to which club is which; Peach, on the west side with a mirrored entrance heading upstairs, and Hip Hop Paradise, to the east with a traditional Chinese entrance and waterfalls on the way in, are both great for their own reasons. When you walk into Hip Hop Paradise you will notice the clear wine and liquor displays separating the VIP Rooms, walkway and bar. The bar is long with low seating, the beer is well priced and the cocktails are perfect to the last drop. Pass the bar and you will walk right onto the disco-style dance floor. It's an intimate spot with a stage that hosts live bands or dancers. The artwork and spacious seating with huge VIP rooms make you feel like you are truly in hip-hop heaven. When you are dancing to the DJ spinning new and old tracks, including a few Taiwanese tunes thrown in the mix, time seems to both stand still and speed up. If you are up for an all-night party, this is the place for you.

Peach is true to its name; it's nothing but sweet. The lay-out is incredible in every way. The dance floor is on the third floor, with an observatory on the fourth and luxurious restrooms on the second. The raised dance floor is a huge circle with the DJ booth sitting on an elevated stage opposite the bar. Around the dance floor are VIP booths on the outside and open tables on the inside. The bar has no stools so it is easy to get your drinks quickly, without having to fight for your turn. From there, the stairs to the observatory are a few steps away. Looking around, you then realize the magnitude of space. The upstairs has its own bar, a cage for dancers, abundant seating and a decent view of the entire club. The music is fast flowing hip-hop that keeps pumping until 4 a.m.

Hip Hop Paradise and Peach are both highly recommended places to go and get your groove on. So, next time you feel like dancing the night away, swing by this one-stop hip-hop spot and get your dance on.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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