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The Sun Mall Pubs: Cheering and chatting

-- Photos and Words by Matt Flint Translated by Picker Chen

(04) 2463-8588
3, Lane 118, YongFu Rd.
Hours: 7 pm-4 am
Credit cards accepted.
December Bar
(04) 2463-5958
7, Lane 118, YongFu Rd.
Hours: 7 pm-3 am
Credit cards not accepted.

The Sun Mall strip has been a hot spot in the Tunghai University neighborhood for over 10 years and attracts locals and foreigners alike with two traditional Western pubs offering two very different atmospheres.

Easy Pub is a spacious restaurant and bar with many types of spaghetti and a handful of finger foods. Unlike many pubs in Taiwan, Easy has a list of over 40 cocktails to choose from. Try Ice Fire, made by dropping a flaming portion of Bacardi 151 into a vodka cocktail. They also have 12 different types of whisky (NT$2,800-7,000 per bottle).

If you want to eat before trying the heavier drinks, try the Seafood Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce (NT$200), Roast Chicken Spaghetti with Cream Sauce (NT$200), other spaghettis here (all NT$200 except for the NT$250 Steak Spaghetti) or the pub fare. Along with dinner you may want to enjoy one of their 15 different beers (NT$150-200), including three new German beers which are on special in January (Weizen NT$180, Bitburger NT$150, Kostriker NT$150). Then relax and get down to some great jazz and pop renditions played by a live band, or salsa dance on Fridays. If the party gets too crazy for you, just walk next door to December Pub for a quieter atmosphere.

December Pub truly lives up to its name by creating a year-round environment of open conversation, good drinks and new friends--much like the month of December, when Christmas puts everyone in a great mood. Here, like at Easy, they have 40 cocktails (NT$150-300), including Fall in Chocolate, and Warm Snow, both NT$180, served hot and strong. Another drink that might catch your attention is the Taichung Bullet (NT$300), made with whisky, gin, vodka, brandy and some secret ingredients. Other interesting drinks include some creative names like Pink Holidays, Fire Bikini, and Frozen California (one of three Frost Cocktails for NT$200).

If you join the many patrons who make this a regular night spot, you can buy a personal bottle to be kept behind the bar (NT$2,000-3,600). All the beer is also moderately priced between NT$120 and NT$200. This intimate bar plays soft rock, pop and classics, which can be heard in the second-floor lounge or at the bar area, where you can chat with the seven cute girls that work there.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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