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Escape Loung Bar

Escape Loung Bar

Escape Loung Bar

Escape Loung Bar

Escape Lounge Bar: the Greenhouse Affect

By Matthew Flint Translated by Ann Lee

45-2, TaiZhongGang Rd, Sec 2
(04) 2320-9041
Hours: 8 pm-4 am;Fri & Sat 8 pm-5 am
Credit cards accepted.

NT$500 all-you-can-drink? We'll get to that later...
Escape has been around for years and has always been a great place to sip wine and have intimate conversations with friends. New additions, like the glass-walled, garden-surrounded extension at the back have not only created more seating and a beautiful environment, but also allow the front to be cleared out a bit to make room for dancing and shmoozing with the other metro-sexual hipsters. The second floor offers a few more private seating areas and reflects the Escape of the past with Victorian-era tables and chairs in curtained corners for the secret rendezvous.

Once there and surrounded by style, you may want to order some delectable Thai dishes, the newest addition to their classy menu choices. Each Thai dish serves two (NT$180-480) and can be ordered as part of a combo dinner. You can get six beers and three Thai dishes for only NT$1,380, which could easily feed a party of six. There are also wine and whiskey combos available (NT$1,680-3,580). Or, if Thai isn't your thing, you can order from their classic menu. They have Mexican-style Bacon on Flatbread (NT$250), Coconut Curry Chicken on Spaghetti (NT$250) with your choice of red or green curry, and White Wine Garlic Mushrooms (NT$250).

Once comfortable and fed, Escape offers 11 different whiskeys (NT$3,300-6,000/bottle), seven champagnes (NT$2,500-6,800/bottle), and 12 wines (NT$1,500-2,200/bottle) as well as cocktails, beer and brandy. Now, here is the best part: Friday and Saturday are NT$500 all-you-can-drink nights, plus they throw in one pork sandwich. Choose from all their cocktails and beers and lounge out in the green house or the bar. Friday night is Acid-Jazz Night with live piano and sax, and is a great way to ease into your weekend. Then Saturday is House Music Night with DJs spinning great tracks well past 4 a.m. So, this summer, whether you want a nice dinner with friends during the week, a relaxing jazzy Friday or an upbeat Saturday party, check out Escape Lounge, where the greenhouse affect has never been so cool.


Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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