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Bartender: Dou and his cocktail "Pearl Island"

Bartender: Sonic and his cocktail ""

Cocktails: Puppy Love and Pearl Island

By Ann Li
Translated by Ann Lee

78-2, TaiZhongGang Rd, Sec. 2.
停業 Closed

With a name like 78-2, it shouldn't be hard to spot this trendy establishment, located right TaiZhong Gang (Taichung Kang) Road. This classy nightclub is divided into four areas: a restaurant, city lounge, outdoor patio, and second-floor VIP section. When guests are finished with their meals, they can relocate to the lounge area, sit by the big French windows, sip on a few tasty cocktails, and relax with a hookah.

This month, the two bartenders at 78-2, Dou and Sonic, are letting us in on their favorite cocktails. You can make them yourself or try them out at the bar.

In addition, Sonic recommends a couple stir-fry dishes that will go well with your choice of drink. The Fried Beef with Korean Kimchi is made with authentic kimchi and hot, stir-fried beef. The Bacon and Buttered Mushrooms (NT$288) consists of butter-smeared mushrooms sauteed with bacon and black pepper--now how could that be a losing combination?

* Puppy Love
Sonic's Cocktail:
With a lot of experience behind the bar, it's no surprise that Sonic experiments with new drinks on slow nights. He created "Puppy Love" by mixing fresh grapes with three types of liquor and was surprised at how well the flavors blended together. Now, you can try it for yourself!

Making it: Boil fresh juice from 8-10 grapes with 1/4 cup of lemon juice to create a syrup. In a shaker, combine syrup with 1 oz Martini Liquor, 1.5 oz Packer, and 1 oz Triple Sec. Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass.

* Pearl Island
Created by Dou, "Pearl Island" contains Jim Beam and fresh oranges, grapes, lemons and honey. Rich and fragrant, this drink tastes almost like grapes marinated in Brandt.

To make: Mix fruit juice and Jim Beam to taste in a shaker with ice. Strain into a highball glass--make sure all fruit pulp has been removed.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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