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Concession Music Restaurant

Concession Music Restaurant

Concession Music Restaurant

Concession Music Restaurant

By Amelie
Translated by Ann Lee

170, WuQuan W 4th St
(04) 2378-3576
Hours: 7:30 pm-3 am
10% service charge.
Minimum charge NT$300/person.

When you're cruising around for a nightspot on WuQuan Parkway, it isn't hard to miss Concession, a music restaurant with a interesting look. Exterior red brick walls and bright lights help set the mood for the interior, which is themed after 1950s Shanghai. International flags, photos of jazz musicians, and vintage photos of Chinese ladies decorate the walls, as the servers walk about in traditional Chinese cheongsam dresses; even the tables and chairs have a lot of character.

They open at 7:30 pm, so customers can also get some dinner here before starting their night. The menu offers a good selection of dishes, including Stinky Tofu in Clay Pot (NT$150), Wontons with Chili Oil (NT$180), Crispy Chicken (NT$320) and Spicy Fillet Beef (NT$240). The choices here are quite diverse, so you won't have trouble finding something you like.

As for drinks, Concession has an assorted display of liquors and beers, all listed in their thick menu. For something different, try their beer cocktails (NT$450/pitcher). They also have a more robust cocktail selection than most other pubs. This classy nightspot has pool tables, dart boards, live entertainment, and sofas, making it an overall relaxing spot to kick back and enjoy the night.

Concession Music Restaurant Concession Music Restaurant

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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