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Mood Wood Club

Mood Wood Club

Mood Wood Club

Mood Wood Club

Mood Wood Club

By James Su
Translated by Ann Lee

1, JingCheng 6th St
(04) 2329-2656
Hours: 9 pm-3 am

For three years now, Mood Wood Club has been a casual nightspot that is a bit different from the other night clubs located within the JingCheng Road neighborhood. The owner of Mood Wood displays her huge collection of wooden sculptures and art all over the pub, as well as in the outside garden area. Although the place is not big enough to hold a gigantic party, it's big enough to host a group of 10 or 15 for an outdoor barbecue party. Inside, the ambiance is somewhat subdued and provides a comfortable setting by using the right amount of wooden furnishings and big red chairs, which soften the look of the entire place and make it a lot cozier than most of the other clubs out there.

At Mood Wood, you will see a stream of regular customers hanging at the bar; the hostess of the pub, Catherine, has her own way of running things and she almost always chats up anybody that walks into her place. Mood Wood is nice because it doesn't seem as commercial and plastic as other establishment; instead, it is more like a bar built inside of a home, a place you can visit with friends any day of the week, and enjoy a few cocktails and appetizers.

There are quite a few recognizable liquors, red wines and cocktails on the drink menu to choose from. Catherine also offers a few good Taiwanese-style dishes for late night customers; they are all personally prepared by the hostess.

You can also expect to hear a few good jazz tunes here, making it ideal for hanging out with friends or just on your own. If you feel keen on finding someone to chat with, or on watching some late-night TV, then this is a good place to be. Catherine will make sure that you're taken care of when you're a guest in her "home".

Mood Wood Club Mood Wood Club

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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