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Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar
A popular dish here is the
Braised Fish in Brown Sauce
(NT$250). The fish is first fried
in a wok, then covered with a
unique homemade
brown sauce and green
onions, for a midnight snack
well-liked by many guests.

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar
Grilled Salty Pork (NT$180) is
prepared with thinly-sliced
salty pork, drizzled with a
homemade sauce made with
chopped garlic
and white vinegar.

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar

Good, safe fun at Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar

By Niang Chen
Translated by Ann Lee

217, ShanXi Rd, Sec 2
(04) 2297-5188
Hours: 9 pm-4 am
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Minimum charge NT$300/person.

This unusually-named nightlife spot is located near the corner of WenXin and ShanXi roads, right next to a KFC there. With its glittering blue-and-white sign, this watering hole exudes a homey coziness, yet is also always packed with customers looking for a good time. Owner Ms. Bai Wei, who loves showing off a few moves on the dance floor herself, is a long-time fan of night clubs. This is why she started a business of her own, offering her guests and close friends a place to enjoy live music and some tasty barbecued food.

A trip to Danger usually means bumping into a mix of different backgrounds and ages, whether it be the funny, charming old man sitting at the bar, or the fashionable young dude and trendy-looking girls. Whatever you're in the mood for, from opening a bottle of liquor to simply drinking a few pints or cocktails with friends, they have it ready for you on the menu.

Once you've had a few, it might be a great time to grab the microphone and sing a few songs with your buddies. Danger features a free karaoke machine that customers get access to anytime they want. Although this place is not as big as most pubs and clubs, you'll often see Ms. Bai and some of her regular customers dancing away. If that looks fun, you're more than welcome to join them.

Bartender Baobao is always ready to serve up a few of her signature cocktails and is also the well-known chef here, able to prepare a few dishes to accommodate the guests. Baobao is also quite the drinker, and equally up to task of engaging patrons in conversation or trying to drink them under the table.

Weekday promotions at Danger include: NT$500 for all-you-can-drink cocktails (from a list of 9 cocktails) on Mondays; Tuesday buy-4-get-1-free beer nights; free appetizers like grilled fish and fried tofu dishes on Wednesdays; and buy-4-get-1-free Carlsberg beer (plus a small gift) on Thursdays.

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar
Left: The bartender's signature drink, the Absinthe Shot (NT$330), has a high alcohol content of 70%, an anise-like flavor and very strong aftertaste. A sugar cube is melted into the drink, which is enjoyed in a single shot.
Right: Pink Lady (NT$150) is another popular ladies' drink, with a smooth texture that makes it ideal for any occasion.

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar
Right: The Blue Margarita (NT$200), made with tequila and Blue Curacao, is sweet, refreshing and well-liked by the ladies.

Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar Danger Music & Barbecue Grilled Bar
Left: Salted Crispy Peanuts (NT$190) are prepared by frying salted peanuts, then stir-frying them with super-spicy chili peppers. This truly appetizing dish goes great with cold alcoholic beverages.
Right: Charcoal-Roasted Prawns (NT$300 small, NT$600 big) is made by putting big, juicy prawns on the grill and roasting them with natural sea salt.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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