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Ti Amo Lounge Bar

Ti Amo Lounge Bar

Ti Amo Lounge Bar

Unwinding after work at Ti Amo Lounge Bar

By Ann Li
Translated by Ann Lee

(04) 2310-2501
165, JingCheng Rd
Hours: 9 pm-3 am; holidays 9 pm-4 am
Credit cards accepted.
Minimum charge NT$150/person weekdays,

Ti Amo is a modern, trendy lounge bar whose name means "I love you" in Italian. There are around eight sofa areas for customers to chill out in, and a large percentage of the clientele appears to be male white-collar types looking for some quiet time after work. Instead of going to a KTV or similar place, they opt to come here for a few drinks and some conversation, listening to music and catching up on the latest news or sports channels via the wall-mounted TVs. Whether you're a regular or first-timer, Ti Amo's female staff members will also make an effort to talk to you and make you feel at home by drinking with you--probably a big reason this place is favored by male customers.

Customers here tend to be whiskey drinkers and Ti Amo offers Glenfiddich 18 years (NT$5,200/bottle), Chivas 1801 (NT$3,200/bottle), and Glenlivet 15 years (NT$4,500/bottle). You can also select fine wines from around the globe--France, California, Chile, Argentina and Australia. If you prefer a cocktail or beer, there's also a good variety here. Try Ti Amo's Fruity Cocktail (NT$250), prepared with fresh, seasonal fruit.

If you get hungry, there are a dozen stir-fry dishes on the menu. Ti Amo establishment offers free wireless Internet, making it convenient for those who want to get some business done after hours. Finally, keep your eyes open for the various liquor and beer promotions offered here periodically and, if you are looking to host your birthday party here, Ti Amo also offers a variety of party specials--just call in advance for a booking.

New liquors available at Ti Amo:
* Ardbeg: NT$300/glass
* Zacapa Rum: NT$300/glass
* Caol Ila: NT$250/glass

Ti Amo Lounge Bar Ti Amo Lounge Bar
Left: This fruity cocktail is prepared with fresh seasonal pears, which the bartender mashes into a puree before adding gin and other sweet-flavored liqueurs for a refreshing taste and silky-smooth texture that you will adore.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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