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Light Lounge

Light Lounge

Light Lounge: A regular hangout with an extraordinary musical mix

By Nick Silvester
Translated by Naomi Lai

85, HuaMei W Rd, Sec 1
(04) 2328-0118
Hours: 8 pm-4 am
NT$300 minimum charge on weekends.
10% service charge.

Apparently, Einstein would keep similar clothes in his wardrobe so that he didn't have to waste time thinking about what to wear each day. This means that if he went clubbing in Taichung, he could be sure he was pulling on the same old jacket he wore the week before. That being said, there are a couple of colorful local venues that continue to wear very well, and Light Lounge is one of them.

Light Lounge appears to be your average lounge bar with large sofas and congenial atmosphere, but it also welcomes a diverse selection of club promoters and live bands, rather than sticking with the mainstream fodder. While too many clubs are content to force the iPod play list of a 15-year-old down our throats, with drink-all-you-can paraffin and juice, Light has done its best to maintain a good rotation of acts, from international DJs to local talent.

On any given weekend you may find two or three rocking bands playing on Friday, and then maybe a night of hip hop and drum and bass the following evening. The schedule is never determined by a certain type of music but, rather, the desires of the promoter, so it is worth joining their mailing list to know what's next on the agenda.

Situated in the Canal District on HuaMei West Street along with many other venues, Light's first floor has a small bar similar to its neighbors. However, the basement is utilized to its full extent with comfy seating around the cozy dance floor, and a great sound system that does justice to the music. They also make nice cocktails and stock the regular beers, with prices on par with most places around town.

There are no pretensions surrounding Light Lounge, and the atmosphere is always extremely friendly amongst its patrons. Manager Ryan has done an excellent job of actively seeking out the best entertainment possible, and uses the enthusiasm of all that Western experience that mixes so well with the local talent. Whatever your musical tastes may be, you'll find something to impress you here. If Einstein was looking for a few drinks and a place to party after a long week in Taichung, then you'll probably find him at Light Lounge getting physical.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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