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FuBar &Grill

FuBar &Grill

FuBar &Grill

FuBar &Grill

FuBar &Grill

FuBar & Grill

Bigger & Bolder

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Angel Pu

25-9, DaYe Rd (Soho St), West District
停業 Closed

FuBar has grown successful by recreating a typical North American unwind-after-work bar/restaurant on the pedestrian Soho Street. Pleasant outdoor tables are packed-out in good weather, otherwise the indoor greenhouse-style dining/bar area serves. A raised gazebo covers patrons or serves as a stage, while plentiful plant-life and hockey paraphernalia add to the laid-back atmosphere. While cozy, the indoor area was too small--so FuBar has expanded to the shopfront next door. This also now allows FuBar to accommodate revelers much later on busy nights without disturbing the neighbors. Four new 42-inch screens have been installed, and the later hours will be good news for soccer and rugby fans who want to watch matches live.

The menu selection is mostly what you'd expect from a North American after-work joint--burgers, nachos and similar appetizers, pasta, rice and salads. It's all good, hearty fare at reasonable prices. FuBar's wings (NT$140 for 1/2 lb, NT$220 for 1 lb) are now legendary. I tried the double-pattied FuBurger (NT$240). This big burger features cheese, bacon and a special chipotle mayonnaise sauce. The sauce is slightly sweet and spicy, and mixed with the other flavors produces a surprisingly well-rounded, satisfying sensation. Don't add ketchup or other condiments! Canadian-founded, the menu has a few surprises--including that Canadians know that authentic Fish and Chips (NT$170) is not a fish burger and potato chips (which I've seen in the US!). The menu also has a decent selection of vegetarian options.

Draft beer starts at NT$120 for 500cc and NT$300 for 1400cc. Bottled beers are NT$110 and up, shots start at NT$80 and cocktails at NT$130. Try the Canadian favourite Bloody Caesar (NT$150/single, NT$220 double). FuBar is also big on events and specials. For daily food specials and other events, see our What's On. They also go double-barrel on Happy Hours, with the first happy hour weekdays at 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. followed by another at 9 to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday have a 'Super Happy Hour' from 5 to 6 p.m. featuring NT$50 pints of beer. If it's your birthday, have your party here--people drink free on their birthday.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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