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Thai Bar & Grill

Thai Bar & Grill

Thai Bar & Grill

Thai Bar & Grill

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Angel Pu

8, ShuangShi Rd, Sec 1, East District (opp Taichung Park); (04) 2212-0900
Hours: 6 pm-2 am
Credit cards not accepted.
Downstairs no service charge, upstairs 10%.
Menu in Chinese and English.
Smoking section available.

Thai Bar & Grill is a hard place to categorise or, rather, it spans categories in a unique way, making for an unusual experience.

On one level, it is a typical Taiwanese barbecue ("shao kao") joint--but with Thai sauces. I tried the Diced Beef Skewer (NT$50), Chicken Wing (NT$40), the Pork/Cheese Skewer (NT$50) and the Corn Bamboo (NT$40 for 3). All were tasty, and trying each with the different Thai sauces adds to the fun. The Pork/Cheese Skewer is a must-try.

In some ways it is also a Thai place, with Singha Beer (NT$60), Thai Fruit Wine (NT$80) and some Thai menu options. Downstairs Thai signs, knick-knacks and posters abound, and there is even a little Thai shrine and Thai boxing gloves.

The second floor reveals a more pub-like space in black, with a large area devoted to dart machines (roughly NT$20 per round, depending on the game), making this a magnet for darts fans. Dart competitions are held here every Saturday evening at 8 pm.

Thai Bar & Grill is a great place to meet up with friends to just hang out or to kick off an evening on the town. The drinks and food are good and very affordable, and with NT$60 Red Horse beer with 7% alcohol you know you'll be having a good time in no time--without breaking the bank. The decor is not fancy, but it's fun and unpretentious. Games of darts make for a good diversion.

Fronted by a huge sign across from Taichung Park, this funky little spot is impossible to miss.

Thai Bar & Grill Thai Bar & Grill

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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