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Palm Bush Bar & Grill

Palm Bush Bar & Grill

Palm Bush Bar & Grill

Palm Bush Bar & Grill

South Pacific style relaxation at Palm Bush

Words and translated by Angel Pu

476, DaJin St, Nantun District (04) 2320-5339
Hours: 6 pm-2 am (open Fri/Sat to 3 am)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.
Minimum NT$150 bill.
Chinese/ English menu.
Smoking area provided.

It often seems like every restaurant on Gongyi Road is aiming to be the biggest one on the strip. However, a little bar & grill called Palm Bush--located on Dajing Steet, which crosses Gongyi--has a totally different appearance. It isn't as eye-catching as Ding Wang Hotpot on the opposite side, but as soon as you walk into this bar, you'll see what a great job owner Cherie has done to create a neat atmosphere here: orange walls contrast green hand-drawn wall paintings; all-wooden furniture gives guests a warm feeling; lamps and little tea candles on tables create a soothing mood. The best part is the light cloth hanging from the ceiling, undulating to the wind from the air conditioner. This whole scene makes you feel like you're sitting on a beach at sunset, watching the waves.

Of course, it would be totally unacceptable if there wasn't something good to eat and drink as you're enjoying all this. The Grilled Satay Chicken Drumstick (NT$78 for 2 skewers) has a hint of curry flavor and some crunchy peanut bits that most Taiwanese will love. Grilled Golden Pork Jowl with Lettuce (NT$118) tastes very unique, as Cherie uses fermented tofu to marinate the meat. She recommends squeezing some lemon juice on it first, before eating it with lettuce--a very refreshing combination with the salty meat flavors.

For drinks, the brand-new Summer Sweetheart (NT$180) cocktail has a sparkling pink color that girls will love, and gets its sweet and sour taste from lime juice, cranberry juice and orange pulp. This drink contains more alcohol, so less-jaded customers can opt for another choice named Naughty (NT$120). Its ingredients, inspired by a drink in the Harry Potter books, are milk, beer and honey.

According to Cherie, she named this place "Palm Bush" because these two words immediately evoke thoughts of South Pacific islands. Besides the bar's great atmosphere, patrons also keep returning because of Cherie's enthusiastic, friendly attitude. Several photos on the wall suggest that the pleasant mood here definitely genuine, and most of the customers here are white-collar types who just want to relax and have found what they're looking for at Palm Bush.

A group of over eight people can use the VIP room. The bar also occasionally holds themed parties; those interested can search "Palm Bush" on Facebook or Wretch for the latest updates. Calling in advance for reservations is recommended on weekends.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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