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IF Cafe Restaurant

IF Cafe Restaurant

IF Cafe Restaurant

Belgian beer appreciation at IF Cafe Restaurant

Words and translation by Renee Chiu

110, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist.
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IF perhaps you're getting tired of relying on the local convenience store for your evening beer-drinking enjoyment, then perhaps it's time you broadened your horizons a bit. One such way to do that is to check out Belgian beers, which are gaining popularity in Taiwan. However, if you're not sure about where to start or what might fit your taste, IF Cafe Restaurant is a good place to resolve your dilemma and gain a greater appreciation for Belgian brews.

Manager Freddy has plenty of knowledge when it comes to one of Belgium's most famous beer varieties--Trappist beers. Exclusively produced and distributed by Trappist monasteries, this beer is not used for profit, but to cover the monks' and monasteries' expenses. Today, only eight Trappist monasteries currently meet these qualifications--six in Belgium and one each in the Netherlands and Austria--and you can enjoy beer from six of these at IF. Besides being mostly top-fermented, each one of these beers has its unique features. Ask Freddy for recommendations and he'll help you discover your favorite without any hesitation.

IF Cafe Restaurant categorizes nearly a hundred Belgian beers, based on their fermentation, color and alcohol content, in order to help customers avoid any confusion. With seasonal changes in beer selection, even regulars here can enjoy new novelties when they visit.

Drinking enjoyment is helped by the ambiance and decor at IF, which creates a private-feeling space with comfortable sofas and other seating. The maroon main color theme is calming, allowing you to unload the stress of rushed everyday life. Beside its excellent beers, IF Cafe Restaurant also provides you with plenty of delicious food, ranging from roasted and stir-fried items to deep-fried snacks, which means you won't feel hungry as you enjoy your time here.

With all this available, be sure that you skip the convenience store and head to IF Cafe Restaurant the next time you're feeling thirsty or hungry.

IF Cafe Restaurant IF Cafe Restaurant

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