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COMPASS MAGAZINE > December 2013

Darts enjoyment for all in Taichung

Words and translated by Renee Chiu

Starting from the late 19th century, before it became a global competitive sport, darts were considered a traditional pub game in Great Britain. Thanks to its growth in popularity and players in modern times, it was only a matter of time before enterprising business people made dart-themed restaurants a reality. Such places provide customers with a laid-back setting to play darts in while also enjoying tasty food with friends or family.

There are a number of dart games with different scoring systems and, in order to promote this fun pastime, darts restaurant owners periodically host contests that offer significant awards to players. If you enjoy darts, or want to learn, following are four of the best-known places in Taichung.


Darts enjoyment

Aero Darts

336, DaDun 4th St, Nantun Dist.
(04) 2473-4422
Hours: Mon-Fri 4 pm-2 am,Sat-Sun 3 pm-2 am

Aero Darts has a clever owner who initiates an all-you-can-play plan for the cost of only NT$150. Those who are crazy about playing darts will definitely find this very appealing. The boss also organizes interesting tournaments for "newbies", and anyone who breaks records can win both new darts and a D2 card, which allows users to connect to other darts machines and compete with players around the world.

Darts enjoyment


172, HanCheng St, Xitun Dist.
Hours: Mon-Fri 2 pm-2 am, Sat-Sun 12:30 pm--2 am

9-Darts sells a complete range of dart products. Before 6 p.m. every Saturday night, you can practice darts for half price. The owner also really values good food. For example, while she has sampled plenty of dumpling-making places, in the end she only buys these delicacies from Taipei following positive feedback from her customers. She also offers a private dart-playing room.

Darts enjoyment

Bull Eyes

28-2, JinXin St, North Dist.
(04) 2225-6568
Hours: 2 pm-3 am (closed Mon.)

Bull Eyes is a spacious two-floor place that is home to more darts machines than anywhere else in Taiwan. As this shop is located within the YiZhong Street night market area, it is very convenient to experience even more fun here after some shopping. Every day before 7 p.m., you can also enjoy a NT$10 discount on each darts game.

Darts enjoyment

Darts Gallery

155, WuChang Rd, 1F, North Dist.
(04) 2291-9935
Hours: 4 pm-3 am (closed Mon.)

Darts Gallery is a shop run by two girls who themselves are quite addicted to playing darts. They occasionally have special promotional events and all-you-can-drink activities. You can search for the newest information on their Facebook fan page, "Darts Gallery".

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