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Great drinks & steaks: Palm Bush's winning combo

By Renee Chiu
Translated by Huang Sho

476, DaJin St, Nantun Dist.
(04) 2320-5339
Hours: Fri-Sat 5:30 pm-2 am, Tue-Thu 5:30 pm-1 am
(closed Mon.)
Wi-Fi available.

Owner Cherie enjoyed the cuisine she experienced while traveling so much that she decided to open this nighttime hang-out to share her passion for quality food with hardworking locals. Palm Bush Bar & Grill offers a lively, friendly atmosphere that makes you feel a bit like you're on vacation somewhere, with ambient lighting and vivid hibiscus flowers in empty vodka bottles. The relaxing setting is perfect for small groups to meet up for drinks as well as mouth-watering premium grilled American steaks.

Creative Cherie has come up with plenty of fun names for her menu items--like Eye Balm Cheese Fries, Angry Fried Matsusaka Pork, and Mad Cow Set Meal--that will get laughs from customers. She also sometimes offers free samplings and encourages guests to provide suggestions for improving quality. In this same spirit, the owner often provides her chefs with support to take further cooking courses.

Palm Bush Bar & Grill Palm Bush Bar & Grill
Left: Grilled sea prawns (NT$238/six)
Right: German sausage burrito (NT$138)

Cherie has also invested generously in her restaurant equipment, including items like the US-imported Sous Vide ("under vacuum") equipment that cooks steaks at low heat for longer periods of time, locking in their succulence, cooking the meat evenly and avoiding situations where the meat is crispy on the outside but raw inside. The last step before steaks are served is smoking them with longan charcoal, adding an extra nice fragrance. Palm Bush's open kitchen is intentionally designed to allow customers to see their orders prepared and directly interact with the chefs.

Palm Bush Bar & Grill Palm Bush Bar & Grill Palm Bush Bar & Grill
Left: Angry Fried Steak (NT$198 6 oz.)
Medium: Eye Balm baked meat sauce fries (NT$158)
Right: Mad Cow Set Meal (NT$1,768)

When it comes to drinks, Palm Bush offers over 30 cocktails, including very creative NT$150 inventions like the "Naughty" (beer, caramel, milk) "Bed Snow White" (white wine, vodka, apple juice) and "Boobies" (vodka, litchi liqueur, orange juice), also available all-you-can-drink for NT$399. Other alcoholic options include draft beer and Australian red and white wines. To help drinking customers get home safely, the management can also helpfully arrange taxis.

It's highly recommended that you make a reservation before showing up which, as Cherie explains, allows the chefs to have some poached eggs ready as a welcoming treat. For those who have a soft spot for steaks, Palm Bush Bar & Grill is the place.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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