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Mr. Maishine

Mr. Maishine

Mr. Maishine

Mr. Maishine

Mr. Maishine

Mr. Maishine: Fresh German-style beer & good food to match

By Renee Chiu
Translated by Angela Cheng

(04) 2328-6765
374, HuaMei St., West Dist.
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 5:30 pm-2:30 am (open to 3:30 am Fri.-Sun.)
English menu available.
Wi-Fi available.
No minimum charge.
10% service charge.

If you want a first-hand experience of the oldest food regulation in the world, then head to Mr. Maishine, which adheres to the "Purity Law" proclaimed by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516 and dictates that all beer should be only be brewed from hops, barley and water. This late-night Canal District drinking and eating spot has gained a loyal following for its craft-brewed Maishine Signature Gold Beer (6% alcohol), Fresh Craft Beer (5%) and Craft Black Beer (7%) which are all freshly delivered from its Daya District brewery daily. These are respectively NT$180, NT$100 and NT$150 for 500cc and much larger containers are available, too.

Plenty of special offers allow customers to savor the unique barley flavors of its German-style beer without spending too much. These include a free beer during your birthday month, or if you "check in" on Facebook. Furthermore, you can take advantage of "buy-five-beers-and-get-one-free" coupons. Great deals like this are always changing, so get over there and enjoy them now, or wait for new ones to come along.

Not surprisingly, there are some traditional German dishes to go with the beer, including German Pig's Knuckle (NT$599) and German Tricolor Sausages (NT$200/small, NT$320/large). Mr. Maishine's menu also offers strongly-flavored Taiwanese dishes that go great with beer such as Salt and Pepper Sausages (NT$180) and Golden Cheese Shrimp Rolls (NT$160), both popular choices. Despite visiting after dinner, this writer couldn't refuse all the delicious options on the table and kept eating. You also get 15% off your dining bill if you eat there before 7 p.m.

The open-air first floor area is perfect for chilling out in the evenings and there's a second floor with big windows looking out onto the canal. Customers are welcome to borrow and play a variety of table games, or use the darts machine. The owner also says there will be an expanded first-floor outdoor dining space floor in the future, plus live bands and live sports broadcasts. Mr. Maishine clearly considers every small detail when it comes to its customers, which explains why they keep coming back for more.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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