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COMPASS MAGAZINE > September 2014

Great food + drinks + sports = The Oasis Sports Lounge

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angela Cheng

382, HuaMei St, West Dist.
Closed 停業

While this summer's Brazil World Cup was a very busy and tiring time for the owners and staff at The Oasis, it also underlined the appeal of and need for this sports bar and lounge, which feeds the hunger among local and foreign "Taichung-ers" for a nice regular spot to grab a drink and/or bite to eat and watch a game on TV.

Open since late last year in the heart of Taichung's Canal District, The Oasis is the kind of friendly, low-key neighborhood establishment that becomes a default hang-out for folks in cities around the world. Where it is a bit unusual is its two-in-one approach to settings: The first floor has a classic setting with tables, bar and TV, while the second floor has a very different feel with brighter colors and cushy semi-private sofa areas, even as TVs are still available for showing games.

 The Oasis Sports Lounge

emand (call ahead to be sure), from MLB and Taiwanese baseball to NBA. This can be enjoyed with a variety of beers and cocktails. Bottled beers start from NT$120 and there's Stella Artois on tap (NT$250 500cc), plus NT$150-300 cocktails like the Oasis Special--a Long Island Iced Tea spiced up with absinthe and kiwi liqueur. Snacks and "beer food" include the basic Chips and Salsa (NT$150), which can be turned nacho-style with cheese, onions and chilies for NT$60 extra. Other popular choices include the spicy Signature Chicken Wings (NT$150) and Home Run Combo Platter (NT$250), with a choice of any three NT$100 appetizers.

 The Oasis Sports Lounge  The Oasis Sports Lounge
Left: Downstairs at The Oasis
Right: Upstairs at The Oasis

Anyone seeking a real meal will never go hungry here, thanks to a dining menu with two risottos, seven pasta dishes and four burgers. Stand-outs include the Seafood with Pesto Sauce (NT$220), also available in a cream-sauce version, and the sizable Double Cheeseburger (NT$220). Any main course can be made into a set meal with soup and other extras for NT$60-100 more. The NT$100 set includes some good cheesecake (NT$90 a la carte) hand-made by one of the owners, which makes this deal more than worth it.

The Oasis Sports Lounge The Oasis Sports Lounge
Left: Seafood with Pesto Sauce (NT$220)
Right: Double Cheeseburger (NT$220)
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