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Relaxing in style at Lobby Lounge

By Douglas Habacker
Translated by Alicia Yu

(04) 2328-8000
1049, JianXing Rd, 12F, West Dist. (Splendor Hotel)
Hours: 10:30 am-1 am
English menu available.
NT$300/person minimum charge.

In the Taichung nightlife universe, it's easy to forget that some of the best destinations are found in hotels. A top example of this is The Splendor Hotel's 12th-floor Lobby Lounge, a strikingly-attractive establishment that has only been around about six months, opening just in time to become a popular World Cup-viewing venue.

The swanky ambiance here encompasses a spacious sofa seating area plus a beautifully-lit, high-ceiling bar area. For sports fans, one of the nicest features is the three big TVs, including a 100-centimeter screen behind the bar, that can simultaneously show three different broadcasts. The lounge's two sides connect to the equally-chic Laura's Steak House and Splendor Teppanyaki, plus the cozy, exclusive-feeling Pacific Cigar Divan (opens 1:30 p.m.).

The drinks selection is extensive with some highlights found among the lounge's own Specialty Cocktails (NT$250-400). Palate-pleasing liquid creations by assistant manager/bartender Ivy Liao include the Ten Forty-Nine--named after the hotel's street address and made with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, rose syrup, fresh lemon juice and Chambord raspberry liqueur--and Fantasy No.N, a multi-layered mix of strawberry liqueur, Dita Lychee Liqueur, rose syrup, vodka and Midori Melon Liqueur, garnished with a flaming sugar-lemon wedge (tip: take one long sip, moving the straw from bottom to top).

Other drinks include Heineken draft (NT$150 for 250ml, NT$1,500 for 3,000ml), various bottled beers (NT$150-200), over a hundred wines, and various Scotch whiskies by the glass or bottle, from The Singleton (currently 25% off NT$3,500 bottles) to a mind-blowing NT$860,000 1950 bottle of The Macallan.

Despite its appeal as a nightlife hang-out, the lounge is actually open all day and offers a great Eastern/Western dining menu, from the popular Taiwan-Style Beef Noodle Soup (NT$360) to the new Classic Linguine with Garlic and Chili (NT$380). Another popular, unique new appetizer is Grandma's Potato Chips with Oriental Sauce (NT$240), coated with a tasty honey-based sauce that gives the chips a crunchy-chewy texture. There are also four new 18-inch, thin-crust pizzas (NT$360-420).

To keep things fun and lively, Lobby Lounge provides regular parties and specials. From November to the end of the year, there will be Role Play Parties every Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight with 50% off second rounds of all beers and cocktails.

Lobby Lounge Lobby Lounge
Left: :Ivy Liao with her creation
Right: Ten Forty-Nine (left) and No.N cocktails

Lobby Lounge Lobby Lounge Lobby Lounge
Medium: Classic Linguine with Garlic & Chili
Right: randma's Potato Chips with Oriental Sauce

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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