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Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39)

By Daniel White
Translated by Anna Yang

(04) 2285-1658
48, YongDong St, South Dist
Hours: 8 pm-3 am

Although Taichung's South district isn't known for its watering holes, there are certainly a couple of great ones. One such diamond in the rough--located on a quiet street next to a river--is Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39), which stands as a beacon for thirsty travelers.

Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39)

When you approach the building, you're always greeted with the warm glow of twinkling Christmas lights and a cool blue light emanating from within. Step through the doors and you're immediately welcomed by a comfortable atmosphere and friendly faces. The decor is eclectic with posters of musical icons, vintage advertisements and diverse styles of artwork. If you come on Friday or Saturday, you'll also get to enjoy live music.

Whether you want alcohol or not, Fisherman's Wharf has an extensive drink menu with several kinds of tea, either by the cup (NT$90-180) or pot (NT$150-240), as well as juices, coffees and soft drinks. For those who don't have to drive, there is a wide selection of beers starting from NT$120 as well as cocktails, shots and bottle service for reasonable prices.

Fisherman's Wharf also has a great selection of snacks and light meals to enjoy. On my last visit, I tried the Beef Roll (NT$150) with a side order of French Fries (NT$60) and Popcorn Chicken (NT$60). The beef roll was well cooked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, filled with thinly sliced beef, onions and cheese sauce. The chicken and fries were also quite good and the meal filled me up perfectly.

Whether you just want to stop by for a quick beer, enjoy a game of darts with friends, or listen to some great music and chat the night away, Fisherman's Wharf offers an escape right in your backyard where you can forget about life for a while and surround yourself with friends.

Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39) Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39)
Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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