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Fish Town

By Daniel White
Translated by Anna Yang

20, FuXing N Rd, Xitun Dist
Hours: 6 pm-12:30 am (closed Mon)

If you find yourself in Fengjia Night Market but would like to eat something a little more substantial than street food, you owe it to yourself to stop by Fish Town. Offering some of the best fish and chips I've ever had in Taiwan, this place also stays open late and has some cold beer for you to enjoy as well.

Fish Town is a very unique establishment, sitting near the back of a collection of kitchens located in converted shipping containers, all surrounding various dining areas. The interior is reminiscent of a sidewalk cafe and bar patio, yet offers a feeling of privacy from the pedestrians passing by on the road. If it's a little too hot or rainy for you, there is also a dining car in the form of a converted mini-bus.

For hungry customers, Fish Town has it covered. Its most popular dish is Fish and Chips with the option of snapper or catfish (NT$135) and your choice of sauce, potato wedges and a soft drink. The catfish was surprisingly tender with a light flavor. The crispy breading added a great peppery and slightly salty flavor, while the tartar sauce was a little tart with a sweet finish giving a great balance and complex flavor. The slightly stronger-flavored snapper went very well with the garlic aioli sauce.

Although you may have already eaten your way through the night market, there's still good reason to finish the night at Fish Town, thanks to its fair selection of beer and finger foods that can be enjoyed over a pleasant conversation with friends. Though on-tap beer wasn't yet available at the time this writer visited, several kinds of draft beer will hopefully be available by the time this article is printed. As of August, beers cost between NT$65 for Taiwan Gold Medal and NT$100 for Guinness, with Budweiser (NT$70), Heineken (NT$70) and Corona (NT$80) also sold.

Fish Town Fish Town

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