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COMPASS MAGAZINE > December 2017

How Place

By Taylor Melton
Translated by Anna Yang

(04) 2326-5671
82, HuaMei W St, Sec 1, West Dist
Hours: 9 am-12 am

How Place is a restaurant and bar offering a unique interior, beautifully plated food and an extensive menu. Versatile lighting enables it to transform its ambiance from an evening dining spot to a happening cocktail bar whose seats are filled with chatty customers, or into a low-lit, more intimate setting for a handful of patrons relaxing over a drink.

In addition, a variety of seating arrangements offer distinctly different socializing experiences. Clusters of sofas situated around coffee tables allow friends to enjoy each other's company in a closer living-room type setting or share a space with a stranger, while tall tables with bar stools, books and reading lamps can be enjoyed by those seeking a bookstore and coffee house vibe. There is also a large banquet table for large groups and smaller tables for more intimate date-night settings. Multiple light bulbs are suspended from the ceiling and fashion shows are projected onto a large screen.

How Place How Place

The alcohol list features plenty of enjoyable cocktails such as Cuba Libre (NT$200), Fuzzy Navel (NT$250), Tequila Sunrise (NT$200), and Long Island Iced Tea (NT$350). The Apple Martini (NT$250) is particularly popular with customers, who are mostly female. ChocoBoy (NT$250), made from Kahlua and Baileys and topped with cocoa, is highly recommended for chocolate lovers.

How Place

Beers include Budweiser (NT$130), Corona (NT$130), Guinness (NT$150) and Kronenbourg 1664 (NT$150) and there's an assortment of teas, herbal teas, coffees and juices made to order from fresh fruit (NT$70-120).

The broad menu selection provides many options for the casual diner. A large focus is placed on visually appealing food and unique plating options, such as the Mixed Fruit Waffles (NT$180) served in a pan labeled with a powdered-sugar How Place logo. Pastas and risottos (NT$180-250) are among dinner choices and there are fried foods like French Fries (NT$70), Onion Rings (NT$70), Popcorn Chicken (NT$100), various sausage and fried food platters (NT$180-780). Additionally, a mix-and-match brunch menu is offered all day and night long.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not to drink and drive.

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