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Compass Magazine, August 2002

"The Shades of Summer"

By Ann Tai Translated by Vanessa Wu Ilustrated by Linda Cheng

Recently, as the temperature continues to soar rapidly and the sun seems to be blazing down on us harder than ever, it is crucial that everyone own a pair of comfortable and ,preferably, stylish sunglasses.
Sometimes we spot other people wearing sunglasses that look very good on them, yet it just does not look right when we try them on. This is probably because of the variations in shapes and sizes of our faces. People with rounder faces should wear glasses with slightly more angular and narrower frames to accentuate the forehead, cheeks and chin. Those with squarer faces should wear glasses with wide, oval frames because they can lessen the angular look and create a softer image. Those with oval faces tend to look good in almost any style or shape sunglasses, yet the best choices are probably the glasses that have a similar width as one's cheeks. Finally, those with heart-shaped faces should wear frames might want to wear oval or round framed sunglasses.
    However, there are other factors to be considered when shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses. Not only should they suit the shape of your face, They should also provide 100-percent UV protection. What's the use of shades when they cannot protect your eyes from the damaging sun? Many eye problems can accumulate from childhood due to the lack of proper eye care. On the other hand, one should be careful in selecting sunglasses from street vendors due to their common failures to meet UV protection standards. Therefore, it is probably safest to buy sunglasses from proper glasses shops.
    Of course, fashion is also a big factor in the process of picking out sunglasses. There are innumerable different styles of fashionable sunglasses in the market these days. Various name brands now offer a huge selection for customers to choose from. On one hand, DKNY has an innovative approach to color and styles both in lenses and frames.Nike, on the other hand, focuses more on the durablity and utility of their sunglasses. Yet, if you do not plan on immediatly investing in a pair of expensive sunglasses, there are always similiar styles out there.

If I had to name specific sunglasses trends today, they would tend toward rimless shades and colored lenses, providing the coolest way to effectively block UV lights this summer. When in doubt, just look at the new styles the stars are wearing!

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