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Compass Magazine, October 2002


Feeling exotic charm in this year¡¦s autumn/winter fashions

By Lily Chen

       As we slowly move into autumn, the sporty yet innocent lace ruffled skirts are to be put away at the bottom of your wardrobe. The romantic sweetness from earlier this year will see a drastic change as temperatures slowly drop. Heralded by the recently released collections of big-name designer brands, luxurious and exotic elements will set trends for the winter. Party people will dress like vampires from the Gothic age, while sipping Bloody Marys in the cold evenings this year.

High-end luxurious styles

       As a sharp contrast to the showy spring fads, which couldn¡¦t seem to get enough of the big, flashy stones, most brands have toned things down with their new lines of luxurious clothing, using classy cuts and exquisite fabrics to flatter modern aristocrats. One exception is Chanel¡¦s new series of dresses that features jewel accessories and crystal ornaments. In the season¡¦s new collections, from fitted wool overcoats with a graceful St. Petersburg bourgeoise style with arctic sable-fur wide collars, to delicate soft and silky dresses in detailed embroidery. Every inch of the clothing is delicately sown together, spoiling you with the highest quality of materials. Careful designs guarantee a lasting quality that allows no imitation. Following these trends might be costly, but well worth tightening your belts for.

A new tribe of city nomads

       As projected in this coming winter¡¦s trends, you may easily travel to the extensive northern grasslands, where your endless daily grind vanishes into the vast greenness. Designers seem to read the minds of city dwellers¡¦ suppressed wishes, putting soft buckskin boots, floral-patterned woven shawls, hare-fur ear covers, dyed-cotton blouses, and sable-fur leather coats on the stage as the winter¡¦s most "in" items. Put them on and you are ready to vault into the saddle and gallop off into the wilds.

Magical charm of the Gothic Age

       YvesSaintLaurant (YSL) and GUCCI¡¦s new lines are showing strong Gothic elements. Black sets the main theme in both loose and tight-fitting outlines. This all seems to be portraying the Dracula sentiment of degraded nobility. Trendy people will stop merrymaking to put up masks of cold pride as the favored expressions this winter. Indeed, the Bloody Mary may be the most popular drink this Halloween.



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