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Compass Magazine, November 2002


The trendy and retro, bold and sexy sides of denim

Written by Lily Chen / Translated by Tiger Yang

       In a new season of Bohemian and Bourgeois, or "Bobo" fashions, denim cloth, better known for its use in jeans, shows whole new sides to itself, from splendid to vagrant. Clearly nothing stands in the way of this eternally-charming star among materials.

Vagrant Denim
       The easily-transformable denim cloth could never be absent from the current, unrestrained "vagrant" style, probably the most "in" fashion today. The easiest way to be a part of this fad is to get yourself an old, stained, shabby pair of jeans, or to destroy one of your new pairs. Tassel your jeans or dip them into black tea to make them yellow, or add patches of old-textured cloth and leather. This do-it-yourself process doesn't take any money, only your energy and creativity. Together with leather boots, a knitted wool cape or leather jacket, denim creates a very fashionable vagrant style.

Sumptuous Denim
       Sumptuous fashions are widely popular among rich ladies in Taipei's social circles. Designers for top brands are doing everything to satisfy women's desire to be bright and outstanding, even as bold denim is the trend. Thus, gorgeous pearl embroidery, lace, sparkling tiger stripes and inserted crystals have become the most beautiful ornaments on jeans and make originally-bold twill jeans charming and sexy. Due to costs of material and handiwork, such delicate jeans are definitely expensive, but provide a brilliant fashion statement.

Elegant Denim
       The invasion of lounge fashion has elevated clothing of the lower and middle classes to the highest fashion forums. With elaborate lines and texture, men and women have create fluently-elegant expressions of style. Men dress themselves in stiff, soft-colored denim leisure suits and comfortable silk-cotton T-shirts, while women enjoy well-cut denim wear with sexy, form-fitting denim knee skirts, featuring outstanding weaves. Though such dresses are not as costly as those made of with high-class materials, these denim creations command top prices.

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