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COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2004


2004 Taichung Cultural Season – Color the City Art Festival



     Taichung City has been beautifully dubbed the "Cultural City," and under Mayor Jason Hu's guidance, Taichung City has been actively promoting local and international cultural events to preserve this honorable legacy.

New and Old Taichung: Color the City

This year's event uses the theme of "New Taichung" versus "Old Taichung," represented by WuQuan Parkway and the Taichung Winery respectively. The goal is to lead citizens to discover the painted corners of the city, to magnify the beauty around them, and to show them how to cherish and preserve our colorful city.

A Different Perspective of Old Color

The bus for Taichung's Fine Arts Humanistic Walkway Activity will depart every Sunday in September, each time welcoming 40 passengers on-board. Each tour will be accompanied by a scholar for a visit to the Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts's Sculpture Garden, WuQuan Parkway, the Mayor's Residence, Stock20 Art Gallery, the Lins' Ancestral Temple, Taichung Harbor Road's autumn maple trees, Hwei-Lai site, Wan-Heh Temple, and other sites, to find the true color of Taichung City.

"Magic of Color" Camp

This will guide students through a world of color, to observe the city's aesthetics and to experience the infinite possibilities of combinations of colors, strokes, other art techniques, and imagination.

Shades of the City, Paint Bright the Future

Mayor Hu, working in collaboration with respected scholars of Taichung City, will discuss the distinguishing characteristics of the city and how to build a beautiful city, to make it better deserve its name of the "Cultural City."

Let's Paint the Parks

In cooperation with the Artistic Pathway Shopping Street Managing Committee, a clothing-painting event will be held, and there will be a Fine Food Art Show.

Billboards of Life

We invite you to join renowned movie billboard artist Wang Shui-heh and others to compose billboards, using the theme of "Innovate Old Architectures, Discover a New Taichung." When the artwork is finished, it will be hung on the outer walls of the Cultural Center as a symbol of the passing of aesthetics through generations.

The Freedom of Creation

We invite the artists of Taichung City to the Taichung Winery to create artworks which join art, music, and dance.

How long since you looked up to admire the moon in the city? "Color the City Art Festival" cordially invites you on the night of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival to a magical moonlit party at the Taichung Winery, and passes the spotlight over to the next major event, the Jazz Music Festival!

Event Date: Sept. 1-30
Website: www.tccgc.gov.tw
For more information: Taichung City's Cultural Affairs Bureau, Promotion Committee 2372-7311 ext. 221/225/253

Color the City Art Festival (Schedule):

"Flying Colors, Let Life Take Flight"--Children's Banner Review:
Time: Sat, Sept. 4: 2 pm-4 pm
Place: WUQUAN PARKWAY (between WuChuan 5th Road and WuChuan West 4th Road)

"A Different Perspective of the Old Color"--Taichung Fine Arts Humanistic Walkway
Time: Sun, Sept. 5,12,10, 26: 9 am-5 pm
Place: Taichung City (Historical Temple), Public Scenic Stops

"Magic of Color" Camp
Time: Sat, Sept. 18、Sun, Sept. 19、Sun, Sept. 26(9 am-12 noon,1:30 pm-4:30 pm)
Place: Taichung City Cultural Center, Conference Room (Lower Concourse)

Future Artists' Play with Creativity
Time: Sat, Sept. 11: 3 pm-6:30 pm
Place: WUQUAN PARKWAY--White Dove Plaza (between WuChuan 5th Road and WuChuan West 4th Road)

"Shades of the City, Paint Bright the Future"--Forum
Time: Sat, Sept. 11: 7 pm-9 pm
Place: WUQUAN PARKWAY--White Dove Plaza (between WuChuan 5th Road and WuChuan West 4th Road)

Let's Paint the Parks--Invitation to Citizens
Time: Sat, Sept. 18: 9 am-12 noon
Place: WUQUAN PARKWAY--White Dove Plaza (between WuChuan 5th Road and WuChuan West 4th Road)

"Billboards of Life"--Revitalizing of Movie Billboards
Time: Sat, Sept. 25: 2 pm-5 pm
Place: Taichung City Cultural Center square

"The Freedom of Creation"--Market of Art and Culture
Time: Tues, Sept. 28: 10 am-6 pm
Place: Taichung Winery
People: General public

Mid-Autumn Festival's Moonlight Party
Time: Tues, Sept. 28: 7 pm-10 pm
Place: Taichung Winery


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